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  1. Nice grammar. I see why Roddy was your favorite player; his jersey number matches your IQ.
  2. If this offensive line doesn’t improve dramatically, we won’t be winning any games.
  3. Nah, people will love the Anti-Christ. Everyone hates Dled
  4. Wait, your first overall pick was Kyle Pitts?! What kinda league is this?
  5. 0-17 is staring us in the face didn’t you know? But real talk if we win 9 games I would be happy. I don’t think this offensive line can hold up to anything at this point. Maybe we can find a way
  6. Wow it sounds like we have a...dare I say it...football coach?! Like wow, yelling at dudes to do their job instead of playin around like dingleberries, like c'mon bro I love this.
  7. That's what I'm waiting to see. I know pre-season doesn't matter so I don't care if he plays until game 1, but my gosh the moves this guy puts on in the slight videos we've seen is just... well it's just unfair. I hope he can stay healthy and keep on the grind.
  8. I just wanna see him absolutely destroyed by Grady
  9. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let me assure you there’s a lot of folks on this message board that qualify. You can’t fix stupid, never could. So say your piece then let the downvotes rain in. LOTS of guys on this message board with TDS.
  10. They are exactly my point. If you don’t understand it then that’s on you.
  11. I posted the stats for you already. But nice try and two dead people is far from an anecdote.
  12. Wrong. In fact I have 2 friends who died BECAUSE of the seatbelt. I hear stories from my firefighter friends regularly that seatbelts cause injuries as much as they prevent them. Maybe it’s 60/40 or even 70/30 but seatbelts don’t mean you won’t die or be injured.
  13. What wasn’t factual about my statement? What was the point of parading about that the team is vaccinated? Regardless of vaccine it means literally nothing. The point of my comment was just exactly what it said.
  14. Oh I didn’t mean the comment about it breaking. And aren’t you glad it did now that you have your kid? Point is if someone says something different, mods come at them around here. What was the point of your comment if not intended to chide me?
  15. When you’re not a hoe and you’re only with the woman you’re married to, what’s the point of them? funny that the mods here are the biggest bullies if anyone has a factual disagreement with their mindset lol.
  16. In fact the survival rate in accidents both remain at 50% with and without. Many have died because they wore a seatbelt. Not telling anyone NOT to get it. But know what you’re getting. This shot doesn’t prevent the spread of COVID and it doesn’t prevent you from contracting it. Keep it factual. Be mad if you want
  17. Congrats. You got poked with a needle that doesn’t prevent you from contracting COVID. Good job guys. Very impressive 🙄
  18. Dled should have been fired so so so long ago
  19. Let’s hope AJ Macaroon is “absent from practice today”
  20. #11 WR on the list. That's just flat out disrespekful
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