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  1. Go to the other angle, it wasn't as bad as that angle looks, they 100% deserved it.
  2. If the refs didn't blow some PAINFUL calls, it would have been a W. Many VERY sketchy calls.
  3. If you haven't put this moron on ignore yet you're wasting a lot of time reading garbage.
  4. How much do we lose by today? Can we keep it under 20?
  5. I literally want 0 of these players, 0 of these coaches, 0 of these staff. I want ground ZERO rebuil
  6. Alright, don't go to week 2 with Quinn as the coach. This experiment just ended. Abysmal. The Refs literally gifted 2 Touchdowns to Seattle which is pathetic, but this team doesn't know how to play under Quinn. Time for him to go on elsewhere.
  7. It's hard to move Roddy anywhere below 2 for me, maybe 3. I know Juilo is all time great. But Roddy played a substantial role in his development and direction.
  8. I just don't see it. I hope you're right, but his highlights don't show much to me, and that speed you were talking about, I just don't see it anywhere.
  9. Those are 45lb bumpers with 2 45s and 2 2.5s and the clamps on a 45 pound bar. That's 495 in big plates and the bar and 5 with the 2.5s
  10. That's 495 without the small plates and clamps...
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