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  1. It's hard to move Roddy anywhere below 2 for me, maybe 3. I know Juilo is all time great. But Roddy played a substantial role in his development and direction.
  2. I just don't see it. I hope you're right, but his highlights don't show much to me, and that speed you were talking about, I just don't see it anywhere.
  3. Those are 45lb bumpers with 2 45s and 2 2.5s and the clamps on a 45 pound bar. That's 495 in big plates and the bar and 5 with the 2.5s
  4. That's 495 without the small plates and clamps...
  5. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Truly ignorant if you think Ryan was the reason we lost that game. Truly a lost cause.
  6. I mean, I'd sign up for 11-5 right now. I just don't even know what to think though. So many things going on.
  7. Remember guys, this is the player that kept Jeff Okudah on the bench at OSU. Not saying he's the best CB out there, but the kid can ball. He was also the fastest player for OSU too.
  8. You literally just gave conflicting arguments in your own statement. You claim it's taken excitement out of sports, however you say you're holding your breath on every big catch waiting to see if it gets overturned. You can't have it both ways. Either it's exciting or it isn't. Holding your breath in anticipation is excitement.
  9. The demise of Brees has been greatly exaggerated. But he's not quite as good as he once was.
  10. Sure do. Just a slightly larger slower version.
  11. Brown was the 2nd best player on his college DL. I for one don't ever want another Peria Jerry and I'm glad we didn't get Brown. He's on the ground too much. For every amazing thing he can do and has done. He has one with him laying on the ground. I think they got the real playmaker in the 2nd round when they picked the safety with the most potential.
  12. I didn't say they're are HoF level now but they still will Land in Canton. Personally I don't think Brady will ever be worthy of Canton without Bill. I didn't say the Panthers are bad, although I'm not sold on them at all.
  13. Panthers are easily the weakest on paper. But how many divisions in football have 3 HoF QBs?
  14. Makes sense, seems like we're going to have a tough test, but we sneak in the playoffs it doesn't matter. We can get it
  15. Looking forward to more like this. This game made me hopeful for a future for these Falcons without having to blow it all up. I wanna see Ryan get another Crack at the big game and Julio needs a ring to go with it.
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