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  1. He was the guy I wanted to AVOID during the draft to be honest. But alas we got him and his draft night made me love the guy. I'm sure he's a person I could root for and as a player he turned it on right before he got hurt. I don't think he's a "bust" I think he's going to be able to play in the NFL as a rotational player, just was overvalued because of our desperate need at DE. really was more of a 3rd round type guy based on actual production size injury history, but his workouts were eye popping for TD.
  2. Much happier with this pick than I am with the DB before it. But I'm a trenches guy anyway. Really was hoping we'd go Marvin Wilson.
  3. Literally never seen anything about this pick, feels very Dimitroff to me.
  4. Give me Marvin Wilson if he fits what Peas wants to do and then give me whatever player has a chance to play situationally and helps me on special teams. Another Safety, an OLB or if there's a rush guy left you like. I like Michael Carter as RB a bit too, but honestly not too concerned about the RB room at this point.
  5. Yes, he's our starting free safety and the best safety we've had on this team for 2 decades.
  6. I like it, I do wish we could have at least gotten a bonus pick instead of just moving from 6th to 4th round.
  7. I had this conversation with a friend the other day. Literally you have a base package that you can run from the I, to empty. What package are you running out as a DC if we go no huddle with this lineup?
  8. People think he has the tools to be even better than them yes. Does he have the work ethic and drive and sustainability? Who knows. But if you gave Kelce the freakish attributes of Pitts, I'm not sure there's anything you could do at all to stop him. That being said, at this point Pitts is a hopeful at best, is the talent there, yes absolutely he has exceedingly rare attributes that's why he's being called generational. But he's still gotta play the game.
  9. That's your opinion again stated as fact. You're not relevant. Bye Felicia
  10. I like Pitts and I think there isn't anything close to him draft wise this or next year, but I don't know if he's the best prospect or BPA, but I would be happy if we took him at 4.
  11. Wrong again. And it's your opinion that I ignored them but that's patently false. But I'm done. You can't fix stupid folks.
  12. Nah breh, but if it helps you sleep at night go ahead. First off it's not hyperbole that would be an atrocity in my mind. So yep F- It's your OPINION that RB is a need, the FO may be very happy with the RB room we have. It's also your OPINION that Harris is a top 20 talent in this draft. It's also your prerogative to ignore the depth of positions in this draft. Let's say Harris is #1 and Williams is #2 the gap between those players is pales in comparison between Pitts and the #2 TE in this draft (in MY opinion) So you're welcome to your opinion, that's what this pla
  13. Again, stating your opinion as a fact doesn't make it any more relevant. It's my opinion that this would be a complete failure of a move. Not only do you give away Pitts but you take a running back who in my opinion will go round 2 and likely will be there with our 2nd pick. So, you can pretend that you're the only opinion that is relevant, but I'm not bowing my opinion to someone else's. Harris is an okay back, maybe even an excellent back. I'd love to pick him up, but there's so many RBs available it doesn't even matter to me. So turning a top 5 pick into Harris while
  14. That's your opinion, but stating an opinion as fact doesn't make it any more valid.
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