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  1. If Mcgrary improves, this could be possible. But, Shanahan's scheme and ability to dissect a defense is much better than DK. Now if KS was given Gurley and Ito, that would be interesting.
  2. Eric B from KC would be my choice. While I'd like Morris to get a shot, I'd like to see an offensive coach this time around.
  3. The corner route came from out the backfield (Coleman). Yes having Julio come across the middle is most likely why it was very successful as it brought Kam down.
  4. Still waiting to see if they develop a covid helmet. What they should do is make every player wear a visor (clear or colored) to cover the eyes. Not sure if the bears helmet prototype is a plausible helmet type to use. But certainly if they can sweat on each other while they’re tackling, defending for 60 minutes - I’m sure they can wear face masks and exchange jerseys after the game 😂
  5. I edited mine after thinking it over lol. Agree with you, I think Ryan (as always in his 2nd year in a continuously new system) does much better. Watson will end up throwing a lot more this year without Hop, but can his receiving core stay off the trainer's table/ his O line keep him upright so bumped him down. And rodgers dropped bc of what I said of GB not giving him help.
  6. I can’t upload the video clip but yes this is the play. Seattle played a zone. Julio coming across the middle brought 2 defenders up (Kam being one) Gabriel’s go route took away the Shead who played 10 yards off to the middle of the field. That side of the field had no CB on the line so KJ Wright took the flat (hooper). Coleman’s corner route broke right behind Kam with no one in the area to pick him up. Beautifully drawn up and executed. I’m not one who is a scheme genius, so I can’t answer your question with legit breakdown of why it was so successful but that’s how it played out 😂. If Kam were to pick up Coleman, Julio most likely scores. God I miss football and finally beating the likes of Seattle and GB after so many years of getting burnt by them.
  7. Wentz can't stay on the field. Stafford was hurt for half the year. Your best ability is your availability. Sure Wentz has the intangibles to be a great QB, but he's consistently shown hes injury prone and shouldnt even sniff top 10 bc of it. Ryan is consistently putting up numbers with a revolving door OC every 2-3 years. Mine wouldve been: 1 Mahomes 2 Wilson 3 Brady/ Brees 4 Lamar (defenses will start to defend better) 5/6 Dak (another weapon in Lamb)/ Ryan Murray Rodgers (GB gave him 0 help with draft) Watson Stafford Wentz Big Ben
  8. I think with our HC OC DC returning, we're in a better spot compared to the teams who are rebuilding/ hired new coaches (cowboys, giants, panthers, etc). Those teams will struggle adjusting to a new scheme and coach(es). Sure it will be hard as this offseason has been unlike anything ever experienced, but atleast having the continuity will help us out.
  9. Hey everyone, I don't know the difference between the different jersey types can anyone give a simplified difference between Elite, limited, game and legend? Thanks
  10. He seems mentally good and mentioned that too. Season ending injuries 2 years in a row can definitely mess with your head. Praying he stays healthy.
  11. Tak is going to get 8+ sacks. Always happens in a contract year.
  12. Never forget, Brees was on the NFLPA committee for “player safety” while Bountygate was going on. Which he swore he had no idea, as the leader and starting QB for the team, was going on. Never trusted him, especially after saying that.
  13. Not only is Julio the best WR in the league, he's one of the most selfless players ever. For a player, especially as receiver, to be as dominant and successful as him, it has never been about him. Team first player, no negative headlines in the news. Can't wait to see what Thomas looks like after Brees hangs it up.
  14. Think the biggest mistake was making Sark and now Koetter run Shanahan's playbook. If they wanted to keep continuity from our amazing 2016 season they should've hired Lafleur to take over (whether or not they thought he was ready, hire someone to help guide him). Think we can all agree Shanahan has a brilliant mind, hard for anyone to replicate what he put out for us in 2016. If DQ fails here, his biggest regret would be trying to recreate 2016 with bandaids, if his true mindset was to keep as much continuity on offense as possible, should've told TD to get the next best at Shanahan's system (Kubiak I think).
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