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  1. Once the Ravens got the chiefs 1st rounder I was curious if they would offer us both their 1sts for Julio.
  2. THIS. He relies heavily on his supreme arm talent way too much. NFL defenses will make anyone pay who does it. Fields gets criticized way too much when Lawrence does the same.
  3. Atlanta would be a bad place for him to go to if he's worried about getting hit too much. Though this isn't DK offense anymore so hoping we figure out LG and the scheme does better for our QB play.
  4. 4th overall value depends on what Jets and Miami do. If Jets pass on QB and stick with Darnold, 3rd becomes the sweet spot for teams to jump ahead of us if they think we will go QB. If Jets go QB, Miami sticks with Tua and builds around him (OL, WR, etc) then our pick goes way up.
  5. I think Sheff could do well, he has the athleticism to be a rangey FS but like another mentioned idk if he has the tools to be trusted back there mentally. I think Oliver might be in the best situation being in a Pees defense where he will be asked to press more often.
  6. I've heard an extension of Grady would be the smartest move, as Ryan and Julio are no locks to be here next year. And restructuring them makes it more likely they are (tho post 6/1 cut wasn't taken into consideration).
  7. Agree 10-15 seems logical. Think it depends on if we want a shot at a top QB or not. Obviously depends how 1-3 play out like others mentioned.
  8. I assume his WRs will be there so could scout both lawrence and the pass catchers.
  9. Which is why I would love for Matt to have an Off coach as HC so he finally has stability for the final years of his career.
  10. Sounds too much like Crisp Houston, or majority of Falcons CBs as of late.
  11. Rico was a former Nickle Back, DQ converted him to FS. I know some mentioned maybe trying Sheff at FS due to his speed and ability to change direction easily.
  12. I love Grady - a hard working overlooked player finally getting the respect he deserves. Now with Vic gone I wonder what he truly thinks of Vic being both played at Clemson and drafted by the Falcons. Like did he know he would flame out like this, was he surprised?
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