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  1. Gallinari should finish this game on the bench
  2. When it gets to the point where one side no longer wants to be with you, what are you gonna do? Beg them stay? Force them to be with you? If we were talking about someone's wife no longer wanting to be with them, we'd be encouraging that person to be strong, don't look backwards and move on. But since we're talking JJ, now everybody wants to hold on. Why? I'm sick of the drama. Get your picks and move on. JJ's been great for this franchise, but if he wants out, I'm not one for begging.
  3. Wake me up after he's traded. I'm sick of hearing about it. Just get it done if you can't fix it.
  4. I have no idea how you're so confident in Arthur Smith as you are, when all things being equal, he is coming in with the same amount of head coaching experience as DQ? I'm not saying that he isn't or won't turn out to be a better coach than DQ, but what I am saying is I don't understand the automatic confidence in a guy, just based on talk and optics? I want to see how the team plays as a unit before I anoint this guy. I get the optimism, but given our track record as an organization I'd rather just give it a good year before going down that path with Arthur Smith.
  5. 850 yds is not as tough as it may sound. That's only 50 yds per game over 17 game schedule. Sure, there are gonna be games where he's gonna get shut down, but others where he makes up for it. So I'll say between 800-850 yds. I don't think he's going to be as big in the red zone as many expect because teams are not going to let a rookie beat them, but that's fine because I think that benefits somebody like Julio or Hurst. So I'm gonna say his TD numbers will be something like 3-4 for the season, but Julio will have between 7-10 & Hurst will have a career year this season. Pitts' p
  6. Reporters are human too, they're optimists like the rest of us. Looking for any resemblance of a different approach from the last regime. I'm not saying you're wrong by any means. Let's just hopes whatever it is you're seeing translates.
  7. We said the same thing about the last regime when they came in with the brotherhood themes and renewed energy. It worked for a couple years but it goes to show that it takes something more tangible than slogans and taglines to build a team and establish a new culture. With that said, I too hope you're right. I'm just not going to get myself caught up in the talking aspect of generating energy. I want to see it on the field.
  8. All this you can't stop him talk before he's even played a down is going to make it **** near impossible for him to live up to the high expectations. People are putting too much faith in him. I'm starting to see and hear it already.
  9. How in the **** did a LS get drafted but this kid with that kinda talent not?
  10. I don't know what the heck happened this past season at Arky, because he did have a really good season, especially by his standard. In terms of history, his biggest problem has always been decision-making. The physical gifts have always been there. Big arm, size, just enough mobility to be a threat should stuff break down. A lot to be positive about, but there's a reason he went undrafted. From an outside observer's perspective, he never seemed to have a great attitude. Flicked off the home crowd when he was still at UF (can't blame him for that). Maybe going undrafted was the humbli
  11. Do we not hear that same cliche every year? "Once in a lifetime talent", "man amongst boys", "freak of nature", the list goes on and on. And high majority just fizzle out before the first preseason game. For those of you who are bashing those who do not love the pick, please check where that's coming from. Nobody's saying the pick was bad due to lack of talent, it was great in relations to talent. All the guy from ESPN who had the mini-meltdown was saying was -- what exactly did this pick do to solve "this" team's problem, in terms of the longevity, at the game's most important position?
  12. Don't see us taking a RB that early given all of our holes. I think we go DT or DE with 2nd pick
  13. I do believe the 49ers did the Falcons brass a huge favor by jumping into the 3rd pick. Now, I don't feel there's any chance they take a QB at 4 anymore. One, there's just too much smoke around this falling in love with Pitts thing. I think there's some truth there. I also think the Falcons preference is to trade down, but not out of the top 10. That's why I don't think a trade with NE will work for the Falcons because that'll take them too far outside of where they want to be. At this point, I feel Denver is the only team that has a definite need at QB who's still in the top 10, an
  14. The blueprint's only as useful as the players and personnel you have to replicate it. We don't.
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