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  1. They have to clean house completely. New voices are needed in that locker room. It’s rotten to the core right now. Coaching has been horrible for years.
  2. Don't worry, Raheem Morris is gonna run the table and they'll bring the gang back for yet another kick of the can. Lucky us.
  3. There's a reason that dudes coaching high school football in Florida now. Horrible coach.
  4. The kind of players that they passed up at those first round spots, at the same position doesn't impress me. Rather the opposite. It shows a severe lack of talent evaluation. There's a reason Jarrett and Foye went in the late rounds, otherwise 31 other teams would have been falling over themselves to draft them five rounds earlier. Dimitroff isn't here for a simple reason. He was a complete and total failure as a drafter and the record indicates that. The defense has been garbage his entire tenure and he's spent high pick after high pick on it and it's gone nowhere. A super bowl collapse because of a horrific defensive failure in the second half, and now this year a historically bad pass defense again due to a lack of pass rush and mediocre secondary. The offense has always been superb as far as I'm concerned. The defense, an abomination.
  5. Is there an ignore list function or something? How do I put that dude on it?
  6. Jarrett and Foye were late round flyer guys though. Kudos for him drafting them but you gotta hit on those high picks to give yourself a chance. Debo was a great pick. He never had an issue drafting DBs, it's the front seven picks that killed us. Even before him though, Peria Jerry, Jamaal Anderson, maybe it's the scouting department as well that's rotten to the core but we can't draft D-linemen to save ours lives it seems.
  7. Ryan's gonna be here for another 4-5 years. Our next QB's in high school right now.
  8. It's a bad scheme overall. There's a reason the Tampa 2 went extinct. Carroll's cover 3 is heading that way as well. The receivers and backs are too versatile and athletic to sit back in zone all day. You need corners that can play press man, get physical and pressure the quarterback from all sorts of directions. Holding virtually isn't called anymore from an offensive line standpoint either, so if you rush head on, you're going to have a bad time. There's a reason the best defensives in the league are the ones that blitz the most and blitz from virtually any position. The Colts are the only anomaly right now but I think that boils down to a really weak schedule more than anything.
  9. Dimitroff was really a horrible GM. He couldn't draft defense if his life depended on it. I was just thinking the other day, when was the last time we had a dominant pass rusher? We had Abraham and Kerney and then one year where Vic Beasley got half his sacks unblocked and that was it. It's been a total failure the last eight years.
  10. You honestly don't believe we're going to run the table the rest of the way do you? If so, I'll have what you're having.
  11. Cowboys had Dak and without Dak they almost beat the Steelers who haven't lost yet. They aren't terrible, and the Panthers gave both the Chiefs and Saints hard fought games as well. Bears are the only team that are awful and without their defense they're probably on the level of Jacksonville.
  12. Comp pick doesn't even factor into the equation if they plan on having a big off-season with acquisitions. The problem is cutting him for nothing, when they should have taken a 7th rounder and sent him to the likes of Jacksonville or Detroit. I'm sure he'd love playing for those two "coaches." Instead he made our organization look foolish.
  13. Quite funny to hear Pete Carroll after the game surprised Buffalo didn't run the ball against them, even though they devised a genius plan to stop it. Who would have thought, worst pass defense in NFL history and the other team wouldn't throw the ball against you. Total delusion. And they gave him a massive extension before it. 🤣
  14. If they actually turned down a second round pick for him....that’s insane. That’s a no brainer trade. But good riddance. This guy was a total locker room cancer and another player on the long line of horrible Dimitroff draft picks.
  15. The issue is coaching. There's no killer instinct on this team, both offensively and defensively. They're happy with sitting back and trying not to lose the game, instead of stepping on the opponents neck and winning the game. The sooner they clean out the coaching staff and this loser mentality the better. Dan Quinn ruined a lot of these guys.
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