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  1. 14 is about where I had him pegged. The good news is that considering the abhorrent play-calling, lack of run game, and porous defense, 14 is actually pretty solid. If Atlanta can find a bell-cow RB in the draft, continue to improve up front, and make even a 10% improvement on defense, Matt Ryan should be back in the top 10 next season.
  2. I'd prefer to move back and take some additional picks from a team that is super hot on Sewell. I don't think this team is in a position to have an abundance of riches at OT when there are so mny other glaring needs on this roster.
  3. I wouldn't even want him, and I don't think he has any interest in coming here. JJ is going to want to join a team that has a real shot of winning it all, and the Falcons aren't at the top of the list in that department.
  4. It laregely depends on what happens in round 1. Hypothetical situation: We decide not to take a QB at 4 and trade back with a Team like SF. We're now picking at 12, we picked up an additional 2nd this year and a couple of picks next year, and drafted...whoever; let's say Patrcik Surtain. I think the ideal scenario here is that Mac Jones falls to round 2 and we snag our backup/future QB. If we end up taking a QB at the top of round 1 I'd like to get Jaelan Phillips, Zaven Collins, or Azeez Ojulari in round 2; a multi-faceted pass-rusher.
  5. He'll latch on with a team that's right on the verge of a Superbowl. I wish him the best; he seems like a good dude.
  6. If 3 QB's go to start the draft I'd imagine we end up moving back for a team that is super-sweet on Sewell. In that situation moving back would be my personal preference, provided that the compensation is worth trading back.
  7. If we pick at 4 I hope it's Fields/Wilson. It stings to make a pick that high that won't benefit the team this year, but it's hard to pass up a QB with that kind of ceiling. If we don't take a QB at 4 I hope we're moving back. If I have to go non-QB at 4 it's Sewell. Full disclosure, I've only seen him in highlights but got **** that man is a mauler.
  8. I understand your logic but I tend to disagree with it. There's this false narrative that to get a great QB you have to select at the top of the 1st round, and it simply isn't true. Lamar Jackson was pick #32 Patrick Mahomes was 10 Deshaun Watson 12 Dak Prescott 135 Russell Wilson 78 Aaron Rodgers 24 Drew Brees 32 Tom Brady 199 Meanwhile, here are the QB's that went in the top 5 from 2014 - 2018: 2018: Baker Mayfield at 1, Sam Darnold at 3 2017: Mitchell Trubisky at 2 2016: Jared Goff at 1, Carson Wentz at 2 2015: Jameis Winston at 1, Marcus Mariota at 2 2014: Blake Bortles at 3 If the new GM is super high on a guy like Fields or Wilson, okay...but don't force it. I'd prefer to take the best player available in round 1 and shoot for our next QB in the mid-rounds.
  9. If these dysfunctional franchises had blown the biggest lead in Superbowl history and were coming off back-to-back losing seaons only to blow a 20 point, second-half lead....I'd understand.
  10. I defended the decision to keep DQ in the offseason, but I can't back him any longer. He's done some good things here but it's time to move on.
  11. They've had some really good moments up front, and it's come against 2 of the nastiest offenses in the NFL. Let's give them a chance to play teams like Chicago, Carolina, Denver, etc before we compeltely roast them. You had to know the secondary was going to take some time to come together.
  12. This is refreshing to hear. I've got us pegged as an 8-8 team, so hearing someone like Chris Simms (who I have great admiration for) give us such a rosey-outlook makes me feel more encouraged about our chances of making the playoffs. Of all the analysts that I like and listen to on a regular basis, he gave our draft selection of AJ Terrell the most praise. He's been overly optimistic about our team since last year, specifically our defense.
  13. What all is involved with an NFL phsycial? If it's the same kind of phsycial I get from my GP I'm not sure how one could fail that. Did the doctor's find something alarming when he did the old turn & cough?
  14. I understand what the OP is saying. It’s an eclectic group of backs and we can use that to or advantage in both the run and pass game. #gottastayhealthy
  15. Can you imagine if we'd drafted CeeDee Lamb and were able to move Ridley to full-time slot receiver? That trio would be nearly unstoppable and Calvin would clear 100 catches, no problem.
  16. I'd love to get another pass rusher, preferably for 2-3 years instead of a one-year. We're most likely letting Takk walk at the end of this season and it would be nice to not have to completely rebuild the pass rush, yet again, in the off-season. If we could bring in Markus Golden or Everson Griffen I think it does wonders for, not only our pass rush but, our DB's. Either of those guys combined with Takk and Fowler would make for a great rotation. I'm not sure we have the $ to make either of those happen, but one can wish. Clay Matthews would be an okay additon too, and is probably more realistic with our current cap situation.
  17. It's because of late round defensive finds like Kendall, Grady, and Foyesade that I didn't throw a s*** fit after TD's picks in the 4th, this past draft. Maybe his strongest asset is his ability to find strong defensive players late in the draft. Sheffield doesn't have the size to be a CB1, but he showed last year that he has the athleticsim to be really good slot corner.
  18. Flair is a fan of any team that pays him to show up and give a motivational speech, lol. Woooo!!!!
  19. I appreciate the draft capital that has gone into the O-Line the past couple seasons, and fully expect Matt Ryan to finish games in 2020 with a much cleaner jersey.
  20. If Julio can give 4-5 more productive 1000+ yard seasons and, ideally, add a Super Bowl ring to his resume, I think he'll have a serious arguement for being the best WR of all time.
  21. I have a feeling most of us (myself included) would have been livid if they did in fact draft Gurley over a pass rusher, but I guess in hindsight that would have been the play. Gurley, Freeman, and Coleman would have been an insane backfield. Proably overkill, TBH.
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