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  1. Yeah they better be. I was talking about the game jerseys though, it kinda bugs me that the ATL is so shiny when screen printed. But that's the same problem with the numbers.. Daily struggles on the internet I guess..
  2. Just let the comments be comments.. I really like the Unis too and frankly I couldn't care less whether anyone else likes them or not. Not being from I Atlanta and therefore not even knowing how much it does or does not mean to someone from there, I still think the ATL looks great, the only thing I don't like is the look of it when it's screen printed, that's all. Stitched I think it gives that special touch Can't wait to see them in action!
  3. Can you pleas make a video or something? Would be amazing!
  4. I don't see how that's trolling. More like the Bucs are using his success with the Patriots as another lame try to "troll". BRADY won that game with the patriots, not the bucs. If I were him I'd probably be watching that game as well, not thinking about the falcons but "my own" success..
  5. How about making it our trademark. I mean, everyone uses it to mock us. How about we step up on it, put it on our jersey to always remember it, not as a downfall, but as a motivation to always get up again and to never give up.. I love that team, and I love it's faults. Just imagine lifting up that lombardy trophy with a 28-3 on our jersey..
  6. Is there anyone who has received a limited jersey yet? If so, is the ATL screen-printed or stitched? Thanks in advance..
  7. Exactly, I read rumours and see a picture of Julio, and immediately my heart-rate starts jumping and down like a rollercoaster #LandoNorrisAnyone?
  8. Want his #45 jersey so baaaad! D:
  9. Ah, from ****'s, nice! Did you know that if you ****, you can get up to 50% off?
  10. That grey Julio one looks sick! Is that a hoody?
  11. Absolutely agree, would be quite a bummer not to have the "ATL" stitched on the limited jersey. I could imagine that - as it is rather big - the stitching (stitching only like the nike sign on the shoulders) would be quite some work and maybe difficult for the production process, but then I think they should at least work with stitched letters like they do for the names and numbers (red letters with red stitching). I doubt that the falcons have/had any saying in that though.. I guess until someone actually gets theirs and can confirm for real how it is, we won't know for sure. The Picture above does look kinda like a hybrid between the game and limited jersey.. I would love to see the white one as well. Still waiting for the white limited #45.. They can't tease us with Debo in the reveal and then not put up his jersey Maybe, just maybe I got something: https://www.nike.com/t/atlanta-falcons-vapor-untouchable-matt-ryan-mens-limited-football-jersey-nP9Vw5/FA2032NMAFL-AF2 if you look real close (zoom in the most u can), it seems like there is a tiny stitching. Maybe it's just the colours, but it does seem stitched, doesn't it?
  12. Hm.. yeah sorry, with review I simply intended the product-picture you see on the shop ("empty jersey"). I actually think the "black" looks much brighter and kinda ugly in those product-pictures, it's much darker and a lot nicer in real life!
  13. Does anybody know whether the ATL on the limited jersey is stitched or not? Kinda looks printed on the review..
  14. Very interesting, I honestly think we got a good one here! Can't wait to see him play. Thanks for uploading
  15. So don't get one. Why put in peoples' face who just told you they bought one? I like 'em and I will get one as soon as the white #45 is out!
  16. Can you give us a sneak peak once you got it?
  17. Was gonna like but you had #18 likes, so I left it at that :')
  18. For a second there i thought that's going to be TD in that GIF :S maybe it was the hair.. D:
  19. If we flop, you'll be like "I told you so! I knew it!" If we succeed, no one will remember what you wrote. Man, what's up with some of our fans?! I mean, how about some optimism? The draft was everything but bad so far, yet some people are pretending it is the worst ever!! EVER!!! E-V-E-R-!-! EeEeVvEeEeRr!!!! Oh and with the worst jerseys EVVVAAAARRRRR, worst in the league, just worst. ever. ever!
  20. Maybe that's why our new jersey has such a large font :O
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