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  1. When I heard we traded for some DL from a Florida team I got real excited. Then I was quickly reminded we are the Falcons and this is not who I was hoping for. Same Sheet different year
  2. And he choked his kid in front of everybody
  3. After watching our LG play last year I will gladly take an "Average" LG this year
  4. Akeem Davis-Gaither LB Curtis Weaver Edge Kenny Willekes Edge Bryce Hall CB. I'd love any combination of these 2 in Rd 4
  5. Y'all get ready for 6 seconds of ATL talk before moving on to the next pick
  6. This would make to much sense so that obviously will not be happening
  7. I will feel better about the pick if we somehow manage to find quality players these next 2 rounds.
  8. Troff'd again. Apparently they didn't watch the National Championship game
  9. I thought some NFL insiders said this draft was gonna be full of surprises. This is exactly the opposite of that
  10. I don't know which is worse. You political people or you gotta be first to report people
  11. NFL network or ABC? Who's coverage is tolerable to watch?
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