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  2. What wrong with you? It’s a great pick. We are building the trenches up. We are stacked
  3. If PFF knew anything, they’d be in the NFL picking players
  4. I don’t understand. I’m wide awake right now. The division is ours
  5. We all make mistakes brother but if it’s one thing Quinn taught me, we’re in this together. #InBrotherhood
  6. Ha! Tampa is having a terrible offseason, not only do they sign old players, the players they have want out. The division is ours without question
  7. Yeah but you know how they are in the playoffs. I don’t see any team from that division getting it done
  8. What does this scrolling TFW stand for? “The falcons way”? - The falcons way to you too brother
  9. Yeah whoever we get will be better. Detroit got the 2nd best CB and 2nd best RB compared to whoever we get. We got way better value on our picks
  10. https://shop.atlantafalcons.com/mens-nike-aj-terrell-black-atlanta-falcons-2020-nfl-draft-first-round-pick-game-jersey/p-36216778748694+z-9599-1243782605?_ref=p-CLP:m-GRID:i-r0c0:po-0 I wonder if they change the number once you place the order? The only thing is they don’t have the elite available that I see
  11. Really? That’s great news. I’m gonna check so hopefully I can be Terrell head to toe by next week
  12. Exactly what do they know that I don’t. Ha! Media is a joke
  13. He’s gone but no doubt in my mind we will find better. Whoever we get will barely play behind the studs of Gurley and Co. maybe it’s best we didn’t get him
  14. A legend like Kobe Bryant. Can’t wait until they start selling his jerseys. Might have to make a custom one in the meantime. 24 hours
  15. We can still catch a game together brother. I’ll be the one in the AJ Terrell jersey, I’ll be easy to spot. One love
  16. Amen brother. As long as we on the same page. #InBrotherhood
  17. This is probably the funniest thing on the internet of all time. We gotta send jokes like this to the front office, I’m sure they would be tickled beyond compare
  18. What can this guy not do? I’ve heard of jack of all trades, but this guy is a king of all trades. Shout out to Quinn and TD for finding triple threats that bring it in every phase of the game. Julio better watch his back, we might have to run AJ at WR too
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