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  1. How is it even possible that Prime Time’s jersey number isn’t retired. Unbelievable
  2. No matter what. It’s happening in April. So we are there lol
  3. Soooo you’re saying April .........haha
  4. Just watched the 404 day video. Grady wearing the black throwbacks. Wish those were back for good. Succaneers get their jerseys revealed next Tuesday. Still we wait
  5. Sorry to say, for me doubtful. Haha
  6. Sure the aint fans have them ready to release for us today.
  7. Wish they would do it soon. No sports, no going out, throw us something. Just got a job delivering food, just to get out. Stay safe ya all
  8. Over/Under on all the April fool jerseys of Falcons released having players wearing 28 and 3
  9. In total agreement with you there. Not like they can have a major news conference or event for it
  10. Getting ripped on pretty well on Twitter
  11. Not a fan of it either, then again I love the old logo
  12. Now that’s ugly, anyone since this posted on bleacher reports
  13. I know a guy, that knows a guy, that knows a guy that might of seen the new unis. Might of. Not sure
  14. The older bird logo will always be my favorite, then again I’m a Falcon fan since Bartkowski days
  15. Thought for sure there would be a leak or something by now. I look at this thread at least 20 times a day. Just for something. Thanks for keeping me entertained
  16. That picture has been around for quite awhile
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