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  1. I think part of that stat is attributed to the types of runs and situation in which run plays were called. He certainly has a better O Line than Jackson had but could easily question why Kotter keeps running up the middle over and over again. If he had more scripted plays to the outside/in space I think this stat would look differently.
  2. Just seeing Jordan Richard's name gives me the chills. The fact we stuck with him for soo long was one of the most infuriating decisions I've ever seen. Make's me think of the Mike Singletary quote bc it perfectly applied to Jordan Richards. "I'd rather play with 10 people and just get penalized all the way until we have to do something else rather than play with 11 when I know that right now that person is not sold out to be a part of this team," Mike Singletary
  3. Agreed. I think Oliver is exactly what was advertised when we drafted him. A player who wouldn't be a star right from the start but has ALL of the desirable traits you'd look for in a NFL corner. Smaller/shifty WR's will always give him trouble but his length helps neutralize the taller guys perfectly. I think this is the year he puts it all together.
  4. This is the first year I don't feel like I've got a great understanding of where players stand with our coaches on the depth chart. If I had to pick a surprise cut it would be one of our RB's. I also thought K Smith might be on the hot seat when they resigned Luke Stoker again. They always talk about Stocker's value playing multiple positions so it might shake it that way. I personally don't understand the love with Stocker after two mediocre years.
  5. I'm not sure we bring him back with the growth of our younger WR's showing promise. But would be nice to stick it to the Pats getting Hurst for free and Sanu back as WR4. Certainly would prefer him over Treadwell and would make me feel better if we had an injury.
  6. Sanu has easily been one of my favorite players. I loved his attitude and the fact he always worked to get better. Seeing the chemistry between the WR's was fun to watch. That said... I'm not sure I'd bring him back. He's not getting any younger and would hurt the growth of young guys.
  7. When we initially signed them, I was worried. But the optimist in me said - singing these two big dudes would help us tremendously when we got closer to the goal line given our past troubles scoring from there. We all remember Sark running the same awful passing plays in the redzone from the year before. However, it didn't work and lack of identity/consistency really showed. Sometimes the best thing to do is just admit you made a mistake and move on. $$ aside, I'm glad were moving on from those guys and focus on giving other guys opportunities.
  8. Most of the obvious ones have already been said so i'll go a different direction. Cameron Brate or OJ Howard would be a nice addition to Hurst. Could really open up playbook and already familiar with Koetter.
  9. It's funny how much I hated Beasley yet sadly I don't think there is a player I watched/focused in on more during the past five years when watching the games. His lack of effort and getting easily pushed wide with his "speed" rush just couldn't be unseen. Its like looking at a bad car wreck. So glad I can watch someone else now.
  10. I thought the exact same thing. Look at how well some of the other "aging" receivers still produced when a role was created for them. Nobody had more heart than Roddy and the way he reacted showcased the true leader he was. That mess would have shattered other locker rooms but Roddy kept the chemistry tight and the other guys focused.
  11. I'm cautiously optimistic this year. My main concern for Tak is his health. We loved the "dog" in him when drafted but he's had a pair of unfortunate shoulder injuries that delayed his growth track. He still had an extremely high pressure rate and with a supposed better D line this year — I think he can get back on track. Eventually a player realizes that you either talk the talk or walk the walk. I also thought that we stopped running stunts last year and think you'll see him doing more of that. Plus with Morris/Ulbrich utilizing more multiple level blitzes it might make the O linemen think h
  12. While I think he could easily switch positions and be a great LB for us... I'd try to keep him at SS and re-establish him as the tone setting safety. Instead of a permanent switch, I would use him like a swiss army knife and move him all around the field to confuse the offense. I also think that Olokoun could take that next step in his game this year... typically the make or break year for players entering their 3rd year.
  13. I definitely think it's possible but probably a year away from being top 5-10. Lets break it down: LT – Jake Matthews - Even though some people have mixed feelings about him, we know what he brings to the table and it's easily above average IMO. He and Matt have built a good chemistry and trust over the years. Lets put a solid LG next to him (like when we had Levitre) and watch him go back to being the dominant player on this line. LG – XXX - This is the question mark that could make or break this o-line. Lots of options that could provide value for us but need to find the right piec
  14. I really hope that we resign Wilson... he finished strong last year and even though he's not a crazy talented corner in the league, he always seems to get the job done when pushed into more playing time. Given our cap constraints, this is the route I would go. Then see how the draft falls as far as going Safety or DB early.
  15. I think those of us that followed Falcons before the TD era are more accepting/thankful for what he's been able to accomplish since arriving. Like any GM there is the bad with the good but I think he's done a good job overall. Like when a team has a great season and all of the assistant coaches get poached and promoted to other teams, the same thing happened here. TD built such a good front office that D Caldwell and Les Snead moved on to become GMs. Instead of panicking TD restocked the team with Pioli and other ex coaches/scouts/GM's. This to me proves that other respected people i
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