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  1. I honestly forgot K Smith was still on the roster but would be hesitant to use Ollison as the FB. I think we'll need to rely on him more as a RB this year. I know he's big enough but can he even block? I'd feel more comfortable with Lee Smith filling in as the FB or starting out as a TE in the formation before motioning back to FB. Whoever it is, I hope they help set the tone for our new offense.
  2. Looks like Dennard just signed with the Cardinals.
  3. It could have been the plan all along with Hurst. Trade a 2nd rounder for him with the hopes he would pick up right where Hooper left off and let someone else sign him to a larger contract giving us back a 3rd round comp. Essentially swapping a 2nd rounder for 2 years of play and a 3rd rounder. Regardless of what happens in the future, I'm really excited for Hurst this year. He seemed to play really well as the #2 TE in Baltimore and gives us soo much flexibility with play calling. Dirk did him dirty last year by not using his strengths to our advantage.
  4. This made me think of the NFC Championship game vs Green Bay with the hilarious quote from McCarthy "We ran into a Buzzsaw." // Pulled from PFT article: After losing the NFC Championship Game in Atlanta on Sunday, Rodgers said he wishes the team had played well enough for the entire regular season to get the NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field. “If this has taught us anything, it’s how important home-field advantage is,” Rodgers said. “We’ve played in three of these games, and they’ve all been on the road, and that’s just making it tough on yourself. Especially when the conseque
  5. We definitely had a home field advantage in the Georgia Dome but not so much in the Benz stadium.
  6. I couldn't find a spot for him in my top 10 but the one player I wanted to add to my list that I hadn't seen mentioned was Mohammed Sanu. Do you ever make an all in bet and get dug in so deep that your going down with the ship if it crashes? That's how I felt when we signed Mo. I loved the tenacity he brought to our WR group. Always talking. Always backing it up. 3rd down Machine you could count on to do it all. Catch, BLOCK and even throw TDs. You never questioned if he loved the game. I guess you could throw Spoon and Norwood on the list of guys I loved watching for personal reasons but not
  7. In his opening presser, AS said something like "the best five linemen will start" and I truly believe he looks at it that way so anything is possible for Gono. I think he wins the LG spot and we keep the bash brothers (Lindstrom/McGary) together on the right side. I'm more interested in seeing who wins the battle for center. Dalman looks like the real deal but Hennesey gets a clean slate with the new coach.
  8. 100% Agree with everything you said. His top-line speed was completely wasted and lack of pre snap motion and no creativity must have had our offense screaming knowing how dangerous they could have been with a competent play caller. Unfortunately Hurst feel victim to the same thing you hear a lot of RB's say. When they aren't used regularly it's harder to get in a rhythm and set up your defender once you learn his tendencies.
  9. I'll be the first one to admit I was a little underwhelmed by Hurst last year but he showed some really nice flashes when he was actually targeted. The one thing that stood out to me the most was how quick he was. Even if he becomes a decoy to pull LB's out of their zones and/or holds a safety for an extra second to allow Pitts to run free off of him is something we haven't had in a long while and is a 100% pick your poison type of situation. That doesnt even factor in our insane WR group. If L. Tololio could break free in the west coast - Shanny offense; Pitts and Hurst are going to run wild.
  10. With our abysmal safeties last year, AS and TF prob have no clue what to think HAHA! I'm soo excited to see this new secondary come together and potentially be a strength moving forward.
  11. I was looking at Daniel Jeremiah's top 100 FA list to see what pass rushers were still available and noticed Melvin Ingram and Oliver Vernon on the list. They would prob be much cheaper than Houston but clearly not on the same level as him. Might be a consolation signing if Houston signs with a team offering more $$$ than we have available. Anyone followed them lately?
  12. Oliver is literally the same guy Poole was before he left in FA. People roasted him on these boards so am surprised to see people wanting him back. I'm a fan of Oliver — mostly due to the fact he has improved each year (but still a long ways to go) — and think he will shine is Pee's attacking style defense. Other than the financial side of things, Sheffield was the most pedestrian player on our roster last year so he'd be the easy cut to me. Was last year a fluke for him or status quo?
  13. If we stay at four, it's got to be Pitts. One of the biggest knocks on Calvin Ridley when he was drafted was he would turn 24 his rookie season; so I love that Pitts is so young and can elevate his game with even more playing experience. Throw in our seasoned vets at WR/TE to show him the ropes and an ex TE coach leading the charge and he couldn't dream of a better team to get drafted by. And I know the expectations are going to be extremely high for a TE drafted so highly, but we still have Hurst/Graham/Lee so it's not like he needs to come in and be the savior right away. Hopefully this l
  14. If they draft Pitts at 4 then it prob means they are going with BPA strategy and will continue that throughout the rest of the draft. So would depend on value of who's available at each round. Also would assume if we take a TE at four then we could look to trade back in either 2nd/3rd round to acquire more picks for depth.
  15. If Falcons fans thought DK called a ****ty offense, they wouldn't be able to sit through a full game of "Naggy-Ball". Having a good RB in Montgomery ready to rumble and instead every call is a trick play to Cohen or a run up the middle with Patterson like you said. It really felt like you were watching a Madden game.
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