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  1. Edwards will give us an offical. Not certain, but it doesn't seem that he's in any hurry to commit anywhere at the moment. LJ could pull the trigger to aTm, but would still expect him to officially visit as well. Not sure he's ever even been on campus. Edwards has but visited on a weekend with a few other running backs. Two of which are committed to Ohio St. Miss on both and there's a few on the board after those two. Wouldn't worry about what Dell does though. He'll get his. Just enjoy the momentum being built by the next few that go public.
  2. Doesn't bother me enough to subscribe. It is a name everyone should learn though.
  3. When the best recruiting staff in college football has nothing to do but recruit.....
  4. Only concern with UTk is that they stay confident and hydrated! Enjoy the meltdown when the time comes
  5. He suffered a broken leg towards the end of his sophomore year.
  6. Think we have been behind a few others early on for Hancock. Changed my mock a few times, but have never had him in it. He's certainly an elite ballplayer with a bright future.
  7. Good riddance to the February dead period. Time to rock and roll!
  8. Georgia will pay James Coley 1-1.25 Million to offset his salary at Texas A&M. Total depends on his salary in 2021.
  9. That's because a couple guys over there want to be in Athens as well
  10. HC- Smart OC & QB- Monken OL- Luke RB- Mcgee WR- Hankton TE- Hartley ST- Cochran DC & OLB- Lanning DL- Scott ILB- Schumann DB- Warren Only 11 coaches and 4 Graduate Assistants can be at practice. QC/Analysts can do many things, but they can't recruit out on the road or be at practice. Still expect us to hire another analyst FWIW
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