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  1. That's all you'll find in Monroe's lol
  2. Williams has good ball skills and is a great striker. Really good instincts as well. Georgia hasn't missed a step here, even with Coley no longer in Athens.
  3. Slaw dog w/ onions, Crystal hot sauce and gravy fries is my go to Ain't good for ya, but it sure does make ya smile.
  4. I'm always going to say Monroe's. Would be a crime for anyone from Americus not to do so. I also have several family ties there, from Mr. Monroe to the current owners. Anywhere between Macon and Columbus will surely hit the spot though.
  5. Where did ya get one from? I almost pulled the trigger on Dinglewoods the other day, but my gut wasn't ready
  6. James Williams Top 3 UGA Bama Clemson
  7. James Williams is dropping a Top 3 in just a little while. Today's his birthday.
  8. Hot dog covered with slaw, chili, oyster crackers, mustard, ketchup, etc.
  9. Everyday except Sundays and a week in the summer!
  10. I'm usually at the games trying to keep @fibonaccisquared from getting arrested. #fulltimejob