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  1. The smartest thing will be to extend Calvin on the long term but little money at first and then trade him like the Vikings did with Diggs. Hayden Hurst will perform well for the next 2 seasons and will take a big contract elsewhere. The offense will be less passing and more running so we'll have to see. The stats will be less impressive for the players but the offense will be more efficient.
  2. Yeah totally agree with you with Pitts in this offense, it creates the best all time offense. But taking a TE in 4 or even 9 is way too high. TE is not our problem it's the defense, the offense will be top 5 next year no problem but the defense has to be strengthened to be top 10 for me you have to draft Caleb Farley and Azeez Ojulari or Christian Barmore in the first round in my opinion they will both be there between 20-30 and with the picks accumulated we can trade for a 1 round giving a 2nd round + 4 and 5. And if Azeez Ojulari drops in the 2nd round we take him and then draft Andre C
  3. The Falcons will probably take the 5th year option, knowing that it is only 5.428M so he will be FA in 2023. But in 2023 he will get a lot of money and he deserves it.
  4. Yes it's true, then there is the intelligence of Tom to take less money to continue to win superbowl. This should be the strategy of all QB's especially the pocket QB's who will now play until 40 years old minimum. And as a result he wins the good players who don't have a ring, want to play with him for less money to get a ring because he keeps winning and so he keeps winning as the roster is good every year a winning QB is important and building an O-Line is important because the two go together. TB's defense has been countered very smartly with top 15 picks in the last few years, but i
  5. The skills position is the easiest position to transition from college to the NFL. Because it's all about fit, and then you control the running routes when the defense reacts to the running routes. And then by creating a top 5 defense it puts your offense in a tough spot every day in practice and makes it better much faster. Then it allows the challenge between the 2 and a collective improvement of both sides. A skill player's mistake can be solved, while a DB's mistake is more difficult to solve in my opinion and therefore more important. The DB position is a veteran position because it
  6. Like Creed Humphrey, who was a 1st round draft pick last year but dropped this year. By the end of round 2 beginning of round 3 we can have him in my opinion
  7. I was always taught that football is won on the line of scrimmage, the further you are from that line the less important you are. Overpaid wide receiver and running back or tight end is not for me. I prefer to pay the QB,LT,LG,RT,C for the RG I draft 1 every 5 years in the first round. The skills player either at FA or from round 2 but never pay them. The development of players is the most important for me, it is necessary to anticipate the needs and draft a player before the need at his position is felt. Develop him with the veterans and when the contract is finished we replace and ther
  8. Exactly, an Elite O-Line. It is very dangerous, because it allows the play to develop. Too many teams prefer bad o-line, elite QB, it's a shame. For me the example to follow is the Colts, I love Chris Ballard he is the best GM in my eyes, he has understood everything about how to build an NFL team. Even if for me the most important part of an O-Line is the left side, often the blind side of the QB. My order is LT-LG-RT-C-RG, I don't know if you agree with me
  9. Yes, I totally agree with you, winning the Superbowl pays more in the end than what you earn on the field. So far it has worked for them so I wonder why not many players do the same. A career doesn't last long, a player's record and image as a winner lasts a lifetime. And still brings money even after retirement
  10. Yes but the problem with teams with a mobile QB is that they often forget to build a good O-Line for the QB. They think that he will find a solution when he gets out of the pocket. Even if many teams forget to build a good O-Line in my opinion, the O-Line is the 2nd most important part of an offense after the QB
  11. The further you go from the pocket the more injury you get in my opinion. That's why pocket QB's last longer in the NFL with a good O-line of course, Andrew Luck comes to mind even though he was mobile but you know what I mean And yes totally agree with you Mahomes already has a LG but with the 2OT they had this o-line would have been very good. Tom Brady understood years ago that to win titles you have to earn less money, too bad not many QB's understand that because the battle for the Superbowl would be exciting every year
  12. Sorry if you don't get it, it's sad. When I say I'm less worried about the Saints and the Bucs it's because we know what they're worth. The Saints have been in the play-offs for the last 4 years and the Bucs are the defending champions with 22 of their starters back so we know what to expect from them next year. The Panthers have been struggling for the last 3 years like us, but they are starting to build a young and very good defense in my opinion with an offense that will be better with Sam Darnold at QB. I think they are underrated, that's why I said that.
  13. Because he is tired of being sacked and because the Seahawks are not looking to protect him, and Ciara wants to go to Chicago from what I hear
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