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  1. I don't think he's 'it' either, but there is no way there is an IOL on this roster that would perform as bad as Mayfield did
  2. I would be willing to bet Mayfield doesn't see the field next Sunday. Dalman only played 9 snaps and outside of his false start, actually didn't look half bad. WHY Smith then trotted Mayfield back out is beyond me. If Mayfield gets the start on Sunday, my trust in Smith is going to drop significantly, and I was a huge fan of his hire and defended him left and right during the summer.
  3. I for one choose to believe the random posters on here with random spacing and bad grammar over people that are paid to evaluate every snap of a single game.
  4. Looking at the next 5 games since that's my personal 'judgement' period: @ Tampa @ Giants VS Washington VS Jets @ Miami The Giants and Jets are the only teams I think we have a shot against. Until I see otherwise, no reason to expect Washington's defensive front doesn't shut us down just like Philly's. Miami's defensive front isn't a shabby unit either, and they've got a guy at QB that can run around. IF we can come out of the next 5 at 3-3, I'll feel a whole lot better.
  5. He absolutely was. He was getting around 2 seconds per drop back before pressure was on him on most snaps, so on the rare occasion where he wasn't under pressure, his internal clock was forcing him to look to the flats
  6. Went back and watched our first two offensive drives again. It wasn't as good as it seemed live. I watched the plays at half-speed, and outside of 1-2 plays, the offensive line was falling apart. I have a screen grab of the 2nd Ridley reception and in it, Mayfield is literally standing by himself blocking no one while Ryan is getting smacked when releasing the ball. Even Davis' first big run, the offensive line was completely stuffed and he had to change the direction of the run....#58 for the Eagles thought it was a play action and stumbled, giving Davis room on the opposite side of the run design. On the 3rd and goal play, the Eagles only sent 3 and dropped everyone else back. There was nowhere for Ryan to go. Smith should have given Ryan a kill call to switch to a run in case of that situation. On the second drive, the Eagles basically ran deep cover 3, allowing the short flats to be open (they stuck with this the remainder of the game for the most part). As the offensive line predictably broke down, Ryan's only choices were to throw it to the flats, make a dangerous deep shot, or take a sack. Point here, is the Eagles knew they could throw everyone into coverage and still get after Ryan and stuff the run. Send 4 guys, and we might pick up 4-5 yards. Send any more than that, and you're getting a TFL, sack, or an incompletion. As I said above, we are DOA with this offensive line.
  7. 3 of the top 5 scoring offenses from 2020 were held to a combined 32 points yesterday. The Houston Texans, who were expected to field one of the worst rosters in the last decade, hung 37 points on their opponent. Week 1 is a liar. Are there any positives to yesterday? Not really. But a week 1 blowout loss does not automatically mean this team is going 0-17. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone's fears are going to be alleviated next week given the opponent, but I'm going to keep my hand off the panic button until we get 4-5 games under our belts. That's not to say I don't have serious concerns.
  8. Good: Lindstrom and Matthews were as good as they could've been given who they were lined up next to and against. Dahlman and Hennessey weren't great, but I also saw enough flashes to think they get better as the season goes on. Bad: Mayfield. I almost feel bad typing it because he looked utterly rejected. But that was as bad as it gets. McGary. He was a turnstile on the right side. Hopefully it was just a first game issue, but not a whole lot of confidence there.
  9. Smith having a horrendous first game doesn't change the fact that Koetter is a terrible OC
  10. Hopefully this doesn't get lost in the seemingly non-stop hot take posts. Here's what I saw yesterday and what I think about this team going forward. Those who have seen my comments/posts here know where I stand with Ryan and Smith, but I'm looking at this without bias or emotion. Game Thoughts: That was worst case scenario for our offensive line. Outside of Lindstrom, everyone looked terrible with god-awful performances from McGary and Mayfield. I'll also give Jake the benefit of the doubt since he had no help from Mayfield. Davis and Patterson had defenders waiting on them by the time they got the hand off. The pocket collapsed so quickly that Ryan was often forced to make a bad throw or to check down When Ryan did have time, his passes looked like they were in slow motion. Accurate, but without any zip at all. There was absolutely zero creativity to the play calls. I've seen what Smith can do in Tennessee, and I've never seen him call a game that vanilla before. Speaking of play design, why is Kyle Pitts on the sideline when we're in the redzone? Why was Lee Smith not used as an extra blocker to aid the left side? I thought Pees dialed up some excellent blitzes, but whether it was bad angles or Hurts just stepping aside, we couldn't get to the QB. There is still not pressure from the front 4. Expected, but still frustrating. Most of the wide open receivers were a result of no pass rush vs bad coverage. At times, Hurts could've taken a siesta behind his offensive line. Overall, this team was incredibly unprepared and did not look ready to play in an NFL game, and were incredibly undisciplined which killed multiple drives. That falls on the HC. Moving Forward: I'll just be blunt here, this offense is going to be DOA every week with the current offensive line. In it's current makeup, we will never be able to establish a running game and Ryan has about enough time to check the ball down. I think things will gel better as time goes on, but the talent isn't there. I liked what I saw from Pees. His defense held Philly to 22 points before the wheels fell off in the final minutes of the game. But once again, mobile QBs are going to kill us this year since our only pass rush is by blitzing. As it stands now, you can go ahead and expect a loss to any team with a premier defensive front and/or a mobile QB. 5 of our next 7 games are against defenses that finished in the top half of the league in pressure generated last season. I don't mind a loss. It's a new staff with a ton of roster turnover. But to look that unprepared and almost disinterested is completely unacceptable and falls directly on Smith's shoulders.
  11. Because he has a wife and two kids and doesn’t want to uproot his family?
  12. No argument from me there. I went to games at the Dome regularly, typically 3-4 a year. I’ve been to 3 games at MBS since it opened because I just can’t justify the price it costs to attend (worth noting I haven’t lived in Atlanta in about a year now, so going to a game isn’t realistic in general anymore).
  13. Here’s a bright spot: We aren’t the Packers
  14. Even going back to the Georgia Dome, our home venues are always taken over by northeastern and major market teams. Eagles, Steelers, Cowboys, etc have national fan bases that take over almost every venue across the country. As far as the empty seats, we’re coming off a 4-12 season and it costs near $200 a ticket to sit in the nosebleeds. I took that loss much easier sitting on my couch and drinking beer from my fridge that’s only a few feet away.
  15. If you watched that game and came away with Ryan being the problem, idk what to tell you.
  16. I truly can’t think of a game where we looked this uncompetitive. The only thing that comes to mind is the 24-2 Giants playoff game
  17. Alright folks, I’m gonna make a beer run and shut this off. Need to digest this, but as of now there is not a single positive to take from this game.
  18. I wonder what it’s like for Hurts to be able to take a snap and not worry about getting hit within 2 seconds
  19. We ARE running plays with medium to deep routes. Issue is the OL is falling apart resulting in check downs
  20. Our offensive line is getting wrecked on every run play. Davis already has defenders waiting for him by the time he gets the ball
  21. We look embarrassingly bad. Unprepared and disjointed is how I would describe this game.
  22. It's a -3 spread, so essentially a toss-up. I think so many are picking us because it's the safe bet with a vet QB and playing at home.
  23. Yep. They said BPA the entire time and also said that Pitts and Lawrence were the only 'blue chip' players on their draft board. Julio had nothing to do with taking Pitts.
  24. I love me some Matt Ryan, but a 23 year old QB that had just under a 100.0 passer rating, is mobile, and won OROY....yeah I'd rank him ahead of Ryan. Same with Dak if I'm being honest...97.3 career passer rating and like Herbert, is mobile. Tannehill though, no way. I think folks are going to see very quickly that Smith made Tannehill.
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