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  1. There's a video somewhere where Ryan chews out Tony G. Tony G turns to the NFL Films camera and says 'that's why he is who he is and does what he does' with a smile
  2. This 100%. The o-line was virtually untouched during FA but we signed plenty of vets to the secondary. I truly don't think AS and TF realized the holes at C and LG. Either that or they thought Henny would make a 2nd year jump like McGary did (and there's still time for that to happen).
  3. We basically only had two positions of worry: C and LG. Matthews and Lindstrom are known commodities so there was no worry there, and McGary was coming off a much improved 2nd year. I think there is belief that Henny is going to improve the same way McGary did, and that Gono/Andrews would just have to be a stop-gap this year.
  4. My only concern with Washington is their defensive front. I just can't confidently say we're going to beat any team with a decent pass rush.
  5. Simply put, this is a terrible matchup for the Falcons. The Bucs boast one of the best defensive fronts in the league and our offensive line is...well you know. I DO however think we get to Brady a few times and don't think they're going to put up as many points as some think. Bucs - 31 Falcons - 10
  6. We are absolutely going to lose to the Bucs, if the Eagles were a bad matchup the Bucs are an even worse one. But the Giants and Jets are both very beatable. 2-3 seems fair, and maybe we're clicking by the time Washington comes to town and end up at 3-2.
  7. Look, I know there are little to no positives to take from last Sunday, and this upcoming game is almost certainly going to be another cluster given the matchup at the LOS. I realize this will fall on a lot of deaf ears (that's inherent on an internet forum) but try and wait this out until the bye week. We've all seen the stats of how poor our offensive line was and barring a trade or signing, it isn't going to get much better other than through experience and 'gelling'. But at least give it time. The Eagles boasted one of the best defensive lines in the league last year and returned the people that made it that. Over the next 4 weeks, the Falcons will face: The defending Super Bowl Champions who have an even better defensive front and offense than the Eagles A team with a DOA offense and decent defense Another team that has a daunting front but is a mystery on offense A team that may have a worse offensive line than ours and little to show for on defense Point is, just be patient as hard as it may be. The Eagles were a bad matchup and ****, so is Washington and the Bucs. But give it time as we see different matchups over the next 4 weeks. If we come out at 1-4 or 0-5, I'll join you all with pitchforks. But until then.....R-E-L-A-X
  8. Tell me then - what share of the blame should Ryan take when the Eagles essentially had two defenders for every receiver and was still able to get in Ryan's face on 1/3 of his passing attempts
  9. We lost, but by a touchdown. It's also worth noting that we started that 2016 season 7-5 and at that point, were fighting for a wild card spot. We went on a run starting in week 13.
  10. Was at 9-8, but going to drop down to 5-11 (for now). Things WILL get better as the offensive line has time to gel (though it's unlikely to get any better than below average) and as the defense molds/better understands concepts. But I just can't see us beating any team with a solid defensive front (Bucs x2, Saints x2, Washington, and Miami). Sadly, next week isn't going to show us anything.
  11. I think he was scolded enough when a 4th round rookie held him to 3 for 29
  12. The Falcons blitzed on 42% of the Eagles passing plays. Hurts was only pressured on 18% of all drop backs. The Eagles blitzed on 11% of the Falcons pass plays. Ryan was under pressure on 31% of his drop backs. In other words, the Eagles had 7-8 guys into coverage on 89% of pass plays covering 4-5 potential receivers. No one was open, and Ryan was still getting pressured on 1 out of every 3 passes. Like I said, put any QB behind an offensive line that allows pressure on a third of all pass attempts while still being able to nearly double every receiving option, and that QB is going to have a rough day
  13. The Falcons blitzed on 42% of the Eagles passing plays. Hurts was only pressured on 18% of all drop backs. The Eagles blitzed on 11% of the Falcons pass plays. Ryan was under pressure on 31% of his drop backs. In other words, the Eagles had 7-8 guys into coverage on 89% of pass plays covering 4-5 potential receivers. No one was open, and Ryan was still getting pressured on 1 out of every 3 passes. Hurts on the other hand, rarely faced pressure even when we blitzed, and had less defenders covering his receivers.
  14. 2 of his 3 TDs were from the pocket. He also faced nearly half the pressure that Ryan did as he was behind an offensive line that faced little resistance.
  15. Not unless he can block for himself, catch passes for himself, and not commit false starts in opponent territory
  16. Let's put it into perspective... This is a literal game played by multimillionaire men in their 20's and 30's. It's okay to get frustrated with a bad outing, wish for better results, discuss what needs to change, etc., but to let the results of a game played by a bunch of 20 somethings affect your emotional well-being... This isn't to call anyone out, this is just a generalization. But at some point when you find yourself screaming at the TV, wanting to throw things, incoherently rambling on an internet board, or whatever else, remember what you're doing that over: a game played by a bunch of guys that are likely younger than you.
  17. While I'm not taking the title of this post seriously, I do think this is a good thread to note this: Todd Bowles LOVES to blitz. The Bucs blitzed on 39% of their defensive snaps against the Cowboys. Meanwhile, the Eagles only blitzed on 6% of their defensive snaps yet still pressured Ryan on 31% of his drop backs. If you thought last Sunday was bad, this coming Sunday is going to be an absolute sleep paralysis style nightmare.
  18. It's a spam site. The guy who runs it posts these things on every single sports forum he can find. His IP address is banned on a college football forum I frequent
  19. Which is exactly what the Eagles did. I watched some of the second half yesterday, and the Eagles just dropped everyone and sent 4, and left the flats open. In that situation, the best thing that can happen is a receiver finds a hole in the zone, but there wasn't enough time for that to happen - which led to Ryan having to check down constantly. Like I said yesterday, we aren't winning 4 games with this offensive line. I'm not a knee jerk or hyperbolic person, but a shut out in Tampa is a real possibility.
  20. Dallas was blitzed 33 times - only gave up 14.5% pressure (9th lowest) As you said, we can only dream
  21. Snaps Under Pressure: 30.8% (8th highest) QB Hurries: 3 (13th most) Sacks Taken: 3 (7th most) Times Blitzed: 4 (2nd fewest) The biggest tell here is the fact that the Falcons were only blitzed 4 times yet still faced the 8th highest pressure % on Sunday. Of teams that allowed 30% pressure or higher (9 teams) only two of them were blitzed less than 10 times: the Falcons and the Bills.
  22. You're not kidding. SO much worse than what it looked like on TV.
  23. No sense in trying - I learned that a couple months ago. He hates Matt Ryan for...some reason, makes random **** up about him like the post you were replying to, thinks the Vick era was the greatest era in Falcons history, thinks the Pitts selection is a conspiracy led by Blank to drive up ticket sales, etc. I've thrown stats at him and can't remember a time I ever got a response. Just look at the topic of this post. NFL evaluators saying that Ryan was not responsible for any of his pressures, hits, or sacks and that it was all on what was the worst offensive line performance in the league. His take away? 'Ryan ruins coaches careers.' There's bad takes, then there's being delusional to the point that you just pull made up stuff out of your *** to keep your weak narrative going.
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