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  1. We're going into the bye at 3-2.
  2. I feel MUCH better today than I did last Monday. The offensive line wasn't great, but they still looked a heck of a lot better than last weekend. The defense showed great effort, but was simply outmanned in the end. Also, Patterson needs to be the #1 back. It's 21-10, Ryan's pass is batted at the line and lands perfectly in a defenders hands. Not long later, it's 28-10. Most of us said 'ball game'. Yet Ryan and the offense stay focused and put up 15 straight points. 28-25. Bucs score again making it 35-25. On 3rd and 8, Ryan has the choice of take a chance or take the sack and punt. The chance turned into a pick 6. 41-25. The next drive was a God hates the Falcons moment. Ryan's pass is batted at the line, floats backwards, and right into the hands of Howard who's just waiting in the endzone like something out of Madden. 48-25. To quote Greg Olsen, the final score was not indicative of how close the game was. This team has fight. Bring on the Giants.
  3. Why won’t Matt Ryan would cover these Bucs receivers better 😡
  4. Part of me hates this is close. My chest is tight, hands are tingling, and I have hope. I could take my panic attack meds OR slam 2-3 beers
  5. The Falcons have been outscored 60-16 through 6 quarters of play. Arthur Smith is in over his head.
  6. I was introduced to pain killers down in St. Thomas. Absolutely delicious, but they’ll kick your *** haha
  7. Last week you were talking about how a mobile QB would be able to escape this bad o-line. Now you’re praising Brady for standing in the pocket. Pick one.
  8. I’m slowly starting to think we hired the offensive version of Matt Patricia
  9. Yep. I fully believed he would turn this offense into something special. As you said, still early, but I’ve seen nothing that makes me think I will end up being right
  10. Through 5 quarters, it’s pretty clear that Arthur Smith coaches scared
  11. What the **** Arthur?? It’s 4th and inches, and that’s what you call??
  12. Actually got good pressure on that. A half second longer and that’s a sack
  13. Remember that time I said Week 1 is a liar? Eagles struggling against the 49ers Panthers blowing out the Saints Jags hanging with the Broncos Bills up 14 on the Dolphins Etc, etc. This is the NFL, every week is different and ‘any given Sunday’ is a term for a reason
  14. The defense could hold the Bucs to 17 points and the Falcons would still going to lose this game. I will be truly shocked if we put up more than 10 points.
  15. No. IF our offensive line doesn't improve, then my hindsight would be trading back for Alijah Vera Tucker in the 1st and taking Creed Humphrey in the 2nd. There's you starting LG and C.
  16. These guys practiced and conditioned all through summer whether it was voluntary workouts, mini-camp, or training camp. I don't buy that a 20 year old kid was tired after just 8 snaps. EDIT: I loved the Smith hire and am still in waiting mode until I change or affirm my opinion. But to me, this seems like throwing a player under the bus. Add in the complete lack of preparedness and I'm growing a bit worried. I'm getting 'Tyson Summers' vibes. If you don't know who that is, I'll spare you the whole story. I'll just say he was a wannabe hard-*** HC that was way in over his head and never owned up to his own shortcomings. He tanked what was a promising football program in just 18 short months.
  17. Oh for sure, and I also have no clue if Dalman is better or worse, but I do know that no responsible coach can trot Mayfield out there after last week.
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