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  1. More importantly, here's his team's defensive rankings (PPG allowed) for every team he's been on that went to the Super Bowl (doesn't go past 2004) 2020: 8th 2018: 7th 2017: 5th 2016: 1st 2014: 8th 2011: 15th 2007: 4th 2004: 2nd
  2. Bingo. Long developing routes means you need the pocket to last longer. To put it better, the Bucs would've broken the sack record if Koetter was calling plays.
  3. Yep, and I'd bet money it was because Ryan was pissed that it was a designed bait/timing play. By design, Gage was the only read. If you rewatch the play, Ryan takes the snap and floats his head left to look off defenders, then quickly snaps it back right to throw to Gage. While that's happening, Sharpe runs a go route meant to pull off Edwards. Well Edwards didn't take the bait so by the time Ryan's arm is already in motion, Edwards is running towards Gage. So my guess is Ryan's words were 'what tf was the plan if Edwards didn't take the bait?!'
  4. Happened during the Eagles game too. They didn't show it, but the commentators mentioned that Ryan and Smith were having a 'colorful' conversation on the sideline
  5. Giants are a toss up, WFT is a terrible matchup for us, and the Jets are downright awful. We'll go into the bye at 2-3 or 1-4. It doesn't get any easier after the bye, with 3 of 4 games on the road.
  6. Long story short: The offensive line is terrible and Ryan is still facing pressure even when he releases the ball quickly.
  7. We can potentially win 2 of the next 3. Giants: If you looked up a synonym for this team, it would be the Falcons. Their offensive line is about on par with ours (have allowed more sacks and a slightly lower allowed pressure rate than the Falcons) and they don't have a pass rush. Barkley doesn't even have 100 yards on the season yet behind this line. But, it's on the road and the Giants are coming off a mini-bye. This one's a toss-up. WFT: I hate this matchup. Their front 7 is daunting and Heinckie has shown to be mobile and accurate. We'll see. but I just think it's a bad matchup for Atlanta. Jets: The Jets are pretty much the worst in every major statistic through 2 games. No excuse to lose this one.
  8. Going back to what Tony G and Roddy said, Ryan will chew your *** out if you aren't doing your job.
  9. I tried to point this out on the Gage pick 6. Even posted the timestamped video at 0.5 playback speed mentioning that it was a timed route (aka, no true progressions) with Sharpe being bait meant to take Edwards off Gage. All I got back was 'Ryan shouldn't have thrown that'.
  10. And other Titans players on the RWTB podcast raved about him. He's well liked by all of his former players, and it certainly isn't because he holds their hands
  11. Seems like a no BS kind of guy and is a coach before he is a friend. I won't give too much detail, but someone close to me has known Smith for a long while now in a certain capacity. I was told after we hired him that he is very down to earth and easy to talk to, but takes his job very, very seriously.
  12. Reading the Giants SB Nation page, the Giants struggle mightily against TEs, their fans say their offense is way too vanilla, and they also complain about constant soft zone coverage. So it begs the question, what happens when a moveable object meets a stoppable force?
  13. It's silly to post this after only two weeks, but Fields currently has the lowest passer rating and 2nd lowest completion % of this QB class. But that's with only 15 attempts, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, Mac Jones has a significantly higher rating and completion % than both Wilson and Lawrence. So why isn't the question 'should we have taken Mac Jones at #4?'
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyvEdM5e4qY&t=696s Here's the first pick 6. Ryan scans from left to right. It appears to be a timed route to Gage, which OCs typically call when the defense is getting pressure. Edwards is meant to bite on Sharpe which leaves Gage open. Edwards doesn't bite and makes a great play on the ball. By the time Ryan could've realized Edwards didn't bite, he had a defender in his face. Had Ryan had even a second more time, he could've gone back and seen that Pitts was open. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyvEdM5e4qY&t=764s Here's the second one. Again, Ryan scans the field from left to right. Looks left, covered. Looks in the middle, covered. Looks right and sees Patterson open with a CB steps away from getting a sack. The CB bats the ball backwards and into the hands of another defender. Once again, Pitts is open in the middle but by the time he is, Ryan has a defender in his face.
  15. Compared to our last two matchups, their defensive line (and offensive line for that matter) are a pretty big step down. Daniel Jones doesn't exactly instill fear into opponents, but he can move and we have a knack for giving below average QBs career days. If we can go into Tampa and play the Bucs like we did, it's not a stretch to think we leave NY with a win. I'd say it's a 60/40 game with the Giants having the edge from being on extra days rest and at home. Either way, neither team gets blown out.
  16. 300+ yards and a 76% completion. What more do you want to see.
  17. He's not throwing 40 yards down the field because he's getting pressured in under 2 seconds, and chances are the play call isn't sending a receiver down the field every time. Also...not good pocket awareness? He avoided multiple sacks in the Eagles and Bucs game and was praised for his awareness by the commentators on every occasion.
  18. Even on the Gage pass, Ryan was getting hit as he threw it. It was 3rd and 8 down 10 in the 4th. His choice was take a chance or take a sack.
  19. We'll have a new punter and Ryan won't have two fluky INTs from balls batted at the line. Falcons win 24-17
  20. Bingo. Two flukey interceptions off batted balls (one a pick 6 and one deep in our own territory) and another pick 6 that hit the receiver in the hands while Ryan was taking a hit. That's not including the two shanked punts that the Bucs got at least 7 on (can't remember if they scored on the other).
  21. He did well yesterday. Not gonna fault him for two interceptions (one straight out of Madden) that resulted from line bats. Even the first pick 6, it was 3rd down and getting hit as he threw, it was either take the sack or take a chance down 10 in the 4th.
  22. Yep. 14 points off shanks for the Bucs. Would they have scored anyways? Maybe, but his punts didn't help.
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