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  1. Incorrect. He said just because Pitts isn't getting the ball doesn't mean he wasn't the primary target in any given play and that the defense has a say in that as well.
  2. Someone posted next-gen stats on here last week that showed every route ran. From what I recall, only 2-3 routes were ever ran that went further than 20 yards. Which is likely being done because Smith doesn’t trust the line to hold long enough to set up a deep shot. So mostly #3 and a bit of #1.
  3. Things are coming into focus. Like I said, I'm waiting till the BYE to really make a judgement of what we are. But as it stands now, I'm very concerned about our offense. 16 PPG is where we're sitting right now. I'm happy with a win, and we have a great chance to be at 3-2 going into the BYE. But unless this offense makes huge strides over the next two weeks, I'm not going to have a ton of confidence heading into the rest of the season even if we get to 3-2.
  4. I'm with you there. A win is a win, but this offense is downright bad. Smith is FAR too conservative and the offensive line continues to be a problem. We've scored 5 TDs through three games, any team with a decent offense is going to run away with the game
  5. Some comments from Washington fans: "Go ahead and plug in Ridley, Pitts, and whoever else catches the ball for Atlanta into your fantasy lineup. We will be lucky to keep it close like we did with the lowly giants." "It feels bad now, just wait until the saints and falcons find a way to dog them." "People are almost writing this Atlanta game off as a W and it just isn't likely."
  6. Their D has as many sacks as we do and is allowing a 105.2 passer rating
  7. "Slightly less trash" The guy threw for 75% completion, 2 TDs, and 0 INTs. Some of y'all want Ryan to suck so badly and I can't figure out why.
  8. Ryan has a 71% completion rate this season. If that were to hold, it would be the highest of his career.
  9. Always happy with a win. But this offense is borderline terrible. 5 TDs through 12 quarters isn’t going to cut it.
  10. We got the toss-up. Not expecting much out of this offense next week, but we should go into the bye at 2-3.
  11. Give me Fields 7.4 QBR and and 40% completion rate over noodle arm Ryan any day!!! Seriously though, can we move tf on? Ryan just threw for 75%+ two weeks in a row while Fields looked like a lost puppy. This is a better team with Ryan, period.
  12. I honestly think he dislikes Ryan more than he likes the Falcons. I’ve figured out what his schtick is - pay attention to who he lauds on the team and in the league and which players and coaches he blames for everything, you’ll pick up on it. I’ve muted him since then, but sadly it doesn’t hide their posts, only their comments. He’s a toxic and hateful fan, I would do yourself a favor and mute him as well.
  13. I would bet just about anything that Smith dials up a play here in which all routes are short of the 1st down
  14. My confidence in Smith is quite low at this point, and I was over the moon when we hired him. He’s so unbelievably conservative that it hurts.
  15. Everyone's around 7 wins right now because it's so early. In general, DVOA is pretty dang accurate, but it needs more than 2 games. Once every team has 6-8 games under their belts, this will hold a lot more water. The longer the season goes on, the less older games matter (weighted DVOA). Right now the weighted equals the standard because we're only two games in.
  16. If you go back and watch the two pick 6's, Pitts is WIDE open, but there's already a defender in Ryan's face forcing him to throw elsewhere
  17. We had a solid team in 2017, the downside is Quinn hired an OC and forced him to run a different offense rather than his own
  18. FUN FACT: Ryan has a higher career passer rating than all of those QBs except Manning, which he's 1.9 points behind. PS: The Dan Fouts beard made me chuckle
  19. In my opinion, this game will be the inflection point for the season. If we drop to 0-3 we're going to drop to 0-4 (we matchup terribly with Washington) and any remaining confidence will be gone. A win however, would show that we're at least somewhat better than bad, and we likely enter the bye at 2-3 with some momentum.
  20. I didn't see him this past week, but his 'debut' was pretty awful. Threw a bad interception, fumbled when being pressured, and just didn't see the field or defense (hmm almost like that was in his scouting report). He gets his first start this Sunday.
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