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  1. Everyone's around 7 wins right now because it's so early. In general, DVOA is pretty dang accurate, but it needs more than 2 games. Once every team has 6-8 games under their belts, this will hold a lot more water. The longer the season goes on, the less older games matter (weighted DVOA). Right now the weighted equals the standard because we're only two games in.
  2. If you go back and watch the two pick 6's, Pitts is WIDE open, but there's already a defender in Ryan's face forcing him to throw elsewhere
  3. We had a solid team in 2017, the downside is Quinn hired an OC and forced him to run a different offense rather than his own
  4. FUN FACT: Ryan has a higher career passer rating than all of those QBs except Manning, which he's 1.9 points behind. PS: The Dan Fouts beard made me chuckle
  5. In my opinion, this game will be the inflection point for the season. If we drop to 0-3 we're going to drop to 0-4 (we matchup terribly with Washington) and any remaining confidence will be gone. A win however, would show that we're at least somewhat better than bad, and we likely enter the bye at 2-3 with some momentum.
  6. I didn't see him this past week, but his 'debut' was pretty awful. Threw a bad interception, fumbled when being pressured, and just didn't see the field or defense (hmm almost like that was in his scouting report). He gets his first start this Sunday.
  7. Reading comments from Giants fans, they all think Pitts is going to have a field day. Apparently they are horrendous at covering TEs.
  8. Just went and watched the highlights. Man...even though it was a loss, seeing Ryan with tons of time behind the line, taking deep shots, and huge holes being opened up in the ground game, brings a tear to my eye
  9. Not who you replied to, but mine was 9 wins and fighting for a WC spot (which can still happen). Given how close some of our losses were in 2020 (had the most one score losses in the league), how well Smith did in Tennessee, and Pees' resume, I figured we'd be a surprise team and start out 4-1 or 3-2 (again, can still happen). What I underestimated, was how bad the line was going to be and the growing pains of the new scheme in general. Receivers running the wrong routes, Ryan getting defenders in his face every other snap, linemen blocking air, etc.
  10. If we get the 2nd and 3rd quarter offense and defense from the Bucs game, we could pull out a convincing win. We did outscore the Bucs 25-14 in those quarters and 7 of their 14 came form a very short field.
  11. Yep. I posted in another thread that I'm waiting until the bye for any true judgement, but if we don't win this weekend against what should be one of the easier matchups on the schedule, I'll at least be lifting the cover on the panic button.
  12. I'm still waiting until the bye to give this team any real judgement. I can see us going in at 3-2, but I can also see 1-4. So I shall wait. What I will say, is the Giants game will be telling. We are essentially 'peers' as it stands and there's nothing they are so good at that it causes worry. Depending on the outcome of that game, we'll have a much better idea of what this team is.
  13. The Giants are even worse than us in the trenches and there seems to be dysfunction among the players. Joe Judge is bordering on losing the locker room.
  14. I'll save y'all from my long, thought out preview. The Giants offensive line is about on par with ours, and believe it or not, our defense has generated more QB pressures than theirs. I think this will be a breath of fresh air for our guys in the trenches to not be facing top 5 units on either side of the ball as they did in Weeks 1 and 2. Falcons win a close one 27-24.
  15. Thought this was worth sharing. It's very early, but so far the two QBs taken #1 and #2 have looked DOA. Meanwhile, Mac Jones who was taken #15, has the 6th highest completion % in the league and a 96.7 passer rating. Point is, you don't have to have a top 5 pick to find a capable QB. Of the current top 10 QBs in terms of passer rating, only 2 were taken in the top 10.
  16. There can be more than one awful team you know. Calling the Jets awful doesn't mean I'm calling the Falcons good.
  17. At the time no, I'm just saying anytime a Fields argument pops up, no one seems to mention Jones. The QB4 crowd is more obsessed with Fields than they are a QB
  18. Uhh....have you watched the first two games? Ryan's evaded multiple sacks (including a long run vs Philly where he juked a LB out of cleats) and even has a keeper on an RPO. But anyways to answer your question, build the LOS and everything else will work itself out.
  19. What I find interesting, is Mac Jones has a 74% completion rate and a 96.7 passer rating through 2 games but no one in the QB4 crowd is complaining that we didn't take him. Hmmm.....
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