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  1. I've been to New Orleans twice, once for work and once to visit some in-laws. It's not a place I would willingly go back to and that has nothing to do with the Saints. It's dirty, it smells, and you feel like you have to look over your shoulder constantly. As my friends dad said (he's born and raised in New Orleans), 'I love the Saints but you couldn't pay me to move back there.' Shoot, my FIL bought my SIL a house in a different state just so her and her husband could move out of there. Anyways, **** the Saints.
  2. This is just a visual, so don't get caught up in positioning in the front 7.
  3. Ridley has already proven himself to be a #1 receiver and Gage played very well as the #2. If Pitts is everything he's billed to be, then that's just one more weapon. Davis is a better running back than anyone we had last year, and we actually have depth on the offensive line now. Then take all of that and realize it's being schemed by a guy that had the #10 and #4 scoring offenses in 2019 and 2020, and there really isn't a reason to be worried about the offenses ability to put up points. Defensively, I have full trust in Pees who's had 8 of his 12 defenses, across 3 different teams, fin
  4. Foot surgery? This isn't what we meant when we said Ridley needed to replace Julio
  5. Did anyone think it was? Ridley did more than just fine without Julio last year (110 YPG), we've brought in a guy who's tabbed as a generational offensive weapon, made an upgrade at RB, Matt is Matt, and now it's all being ran by a proven/successful play caller. Shoot, I'll even throw in Gage who did very well as a #2 last year. There's no reason this offense shouldn't be putting up 28+ a game in 2021, which would only be 3 more points than they put up in 2020.
  6. This is basically a patchwork secondary that'll almost surely look different again next year outside of those on rookie deals. So how do I feel about it? Not great, Bob.
  7. Julio didn't want to be here anymore, the Falcons benefited financially from moving him, and now he's gone. I'll always be a bit miffed at what his issues were for not wanting to be here, but it doesn't matter cause it's what's happened has happened. Last comment I ever make about this situation.
  8. "I don't worry about players I've never coached" Get 'em Art
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