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  1. Not sure who it would be though. Grady is the only big name we could cut that would yield us some solid cap space - but even then he'd add $15M to dead cap
  2. This draft is very deep at the safety position (CB too). Show Sheff the bench, take a CB in the 1st to be opposite AJT, and put Oliver in the slot. Grab Grant or the safety from TCU in the 2nd.
  3. Trading Ryan would create $44M in dead money if done before June 1. IF Russ demands a trade, it'll happen before then.
  4. Yep. We will have a much clearer picture at the end of the month once we're a couple of weeks into free agency/re-signing.
  5. Hmm a random Twitter account with 200 followers and no sources in the tweet.....
  6. I'll pretend for the sake of this comment that we should take a QB at #4. Absolutely no on Wilson. One year wonder who's already had TWO surgeries on his throwing shoulder.
  7. That's fine, but they don't mention a number in there. Playing with OTC's cap calculator, 3 year extensions for both based on their market value only saves us $2M.
  8. Extending both for 3 years saves us only $2M in cap space in 2021. That is assuming the extension is based on their current market values and $0 signing bonus.
  9. Okay - then find me a solution where we are both cap compliant and have a full roster without restructuring Matt and Julio.
  10. Very similar to my 'dream' scenario. Trade back and take Farley or Surtain (I prefer Farley) then take Wyatt Davis (OG) and Trevon Moehrig (S) in the 2nd. That's three day one starters in positions of need. Super weak draft for egde rushers, we may have to deal with what we have in 2021.
  11. It's the reality of our situation. The only major moves left on the roster would be cutting Carpenter and trading Fowler, yet we'd still be $7M over the cap and 15 players short of a full roster. So yes, we have to restructure some contracts. But it's not all bad. Restructuring our top 4 contracts leaves us with plenty of cap space in 2022. Without restructures (assuming Fowler is traded and Carpenter is cut): 2021 Cap Space: $(7M) 2022 Cap Space: $80M With restructures: 2021 Cap Space: $33M 2022 Cap Space: $60M
  12. But contracts also rise with the cap though. If the cap were say....$500M, players contracts would start to reflect that. Because from the players point of view, it would be 'well you have $500M to pay 53 of us, we should be paid more.' The only way to avoid this, would be to either eliminate the cap entirely (which won't happen) or give owners the ability to pay whatever they want, but it has to come out of their own pockets vs the league's shared revenue.....and that's a huge can of worms.
  13. Not sure how they would fix it given the revenue sharing aspect of the NFL. In simple terms, part of the league revenue from the prior year is pooled together then divvied up between the 32 teams. That's all the owners can use for new contracts. The reason it can't be gone over is because from a financial standpoint, it would be seen as the NFL owing the franchise money. They could make it interesting by allowing owners themselves to pay X amount of players whatever they want, and putting a hard cap on the rest.
  14. A FAR worse cap situation. $70M over (that's including Drew Brees most recent restructure in prep for his retirement), and they're going to have to make some major cuts. Lattimore, Ramzyck, and Kwon Alexander all carry $0 dead cap and cutting or trading them would net the Saints $34M in space, yet they'd still be at $36M over. At that point, they'd have to MAX restructure their top 8 contracts just to get cap compliant, and it wouldn't even be enough to sign a draft class. So yeah....Russ ain't going to New Orleans.
  15. I'm not disagreeing with you, but it doesn't change the fact of the original sentence. Without restructuring Ryan, we'll have just enough money to pay for our draft class (assuming we restructure others) which will result in a roster that doesn't meet league minimum requirements. Without restructuring anyone, it is literally impossible to become cap compliant in 2021. So yes, the madness needs to stop at some point, but we don't have a choice this offseason but to continue it.
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