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  1. Most of you still don't get it. You're not connecting the dots. While none of us know for sure, in my humble opinion, the reason Julio wanted to be traded is b/c he didn't believe they could win it all with MR2 as the QB. While I don't entirely agree with Julio, he does have a VERY VALID point. The likelihood of winning it all with MR2 as your starting QB is diminished b/c of his noodle arm. That said, other noodle armed QB's have won it all (e.g. Brees & Montana) but they did it with exceptional Offensive Coordinators who could scheme their receivers open on shorter routes plus a strong r
  2. Didn't mean to come off as if I'm blaming Matt, just saying that what's going on with Julio isn't in a vacuum but there is more context around the situation that's been left out of the discussion. Matt is our QB and that's that but it doesn't mean he's beyond criticism or that his situation didn't play some role in Julio's overall dissatisfaction, that's all. Thank you all for your opinions & input. We don't have to agree but I do respect everyone's point of view.
  3. FACTS - Forgot to add one more thing. Everyone in the league knows Matt has a noodle arm, it's not a secret (except apparently to this fan base)... but, that doesn't mean that the Falcons cannot win despite his lack of arm strength. In fact, he & Brees are very similar QBs. The only real difference being Brees has superior pocket presence & Matt is taller & able to see over the line better (without deep drops). I might also give Matt an edge in arm strength. What I am saying is that you have to be realistic about what you have if you intend to build around it so that you can compen
  4. A lot of people have selective memories or just don't connect the dots. As I recall, the seeds for this day were sewn way back when Julio signed his first big contract (around the time DQ was preaching about brotherhood this & brotherhood that)... as it turned out Julio gave Atlanta a bit of a hometown discount, even though at that time he was the greatest receiver on the planet). A couple years go by & Matt Ryan is up for his new deal. Instead of giving a hometown discount, Matt grabbed every penny on the table. What's more, in the eyes of many, though Matt is a very good QB, he
  5. Would love to see us grab the QB from Jackson State (can't think of his name right now) but he played for Prime Time's team Jackson State & the dude is huge, can fly, has a cannon of an arm & seems to make good decisions with the ball (e.g. when to pass vs when to run & I believe his int's were low). Small school player so not surprised he would go undrafted but the kid can play.
  6. In my view the exception to this is if said player is a generational talent & you have an adequate player already on the roster. The idea is that the generational talent could learn while the adequate starter takes the lumps during the rebuild. The caveat to this is that I would only sit such a generational talent for one year & move the adequate starter the next year for assets. For the record, I do not view Jones as a generational talent (far from it) tho a legit talent. Jones is more like Ryan 2.0 to me (avg to below avg arm strength & fairly immobile). I think Lance is the gene
  7. Nice post. This is exactly what i was trying to tell someone on another thread. The Saints pretty much used the same blueprint to beat Ryan that the Falcons use to great effect against Brees. The only difference is, while you attribute the deployment of this strategy to Brees' stature, I attribute this strategy to having no fear of the deep ball. The reason the Falcons don't fear Brees' deep ball is not b/c he doesn't have outside threats but b/c he has a weak arm (by NFL standards). By weak arm, I don't mean he can't throw the deep ball per se but rather that the throw is in effective.
  8. Agreed on George. Agree to disagree on Matt. But respect your opinion as well.
  9. As a former college player at the defensive back position, I offer my honest opinion. Numbers don't tell the complete story. There have been many weak-armed QB's that have had incredible careers (so it's not necessarily the kiss of death), Joe Montana & Fran Tarkington to name a few. To win with a weak-armed QB you have to have the right system around them that plays to their strengths. In Falcons history, Steve Bartkowski, Chris Chandler & Mike Vick were all incredibly strong-armed QB's that could make every throw (even from their back leg). That translates to the defense having to co
  10. While it is true that Koetter sux, but to heap all the problems w/ the Falcons offense on him is to miss the bigger point. What the Saints have figured out about QB2 is that he doesn't have the arm to make all the throws. They know his favorite routes & conversely the routes where he can't get the ball there in a timely fashion. For instance, Matt's deep ball is consistently under-thrown w/ a ton of air under the ball, giving the DB time to make up ground if they are beat deep. If you pay close attention to Matt's deep balls, he has to take 2 or 3 crow-hops & a big wind up to get the b
  11. Also, since the Falcons brass have publicly stated that there will be a uniform change, if now isn't the right time to talk about this subject, I'm not sure when is??? Besides, I remember how pumped up and excited I was back when the Jerry Glanville led Falcons did the uniform and came out in those black helmets and jerseys, man I was too pumped... sadly, the uni's (in my humble opinion) have gone downhill ever since. Those uni's were iconic just as the Raiders, Steelers, Packers, Chiefs and cowboys uni's are all iconic and perhaps to a lesser extent I would also say the old powder blue Char
  12. Yes, if financially it's too painful to cut him but do look to move-on from him as quickly as possible... as production does not match pay and for all of the accolades he gets for blocking, he really isn't a good blocker in pass protection. He perhaps gets an "A" for effort (well, except for the missed assignment in the Super Bowl that got Matt face-planted and cost us a decent shot at a field goal, sigh)... but really I've seen him get literally run-over in pass protection more than I've seen him lay the wood. What he still can do, however, is catch the ball out of the backfield so there is
  13. Thx all for your honest feedback... very much appreciated. Whichever uni Arthur and the Round Table chooses, let's just hope they have the wisdom to remove vertical stripes from the sleeves (reminds of a clown outfit) and tie-in all 3 levels (helmet, jersey and pants) a bit better for a more cohesive look... fyi, this is harder to do if the helmet is a different color than the jersey but is possible if they use he color of the helmet generously throughout the jersey and pants... good luck Dirty Birds... make us proud. Best, DirtyBird46
  14. Here is a closer look at my proposed helmet design... cheers!!!
  15. I would just like to see what Tak can do completely healthy (assuming that's even possible at this point). Seems he's been playing with bum shoulders ever since we drafted him. Should surgery is no easy thing to recover from (trust me, I know first hand)... it can end careers. I'm told there have been advances in the surgical procedure since I had mine, so am hopeful for a full recovery and rehab. Hoping he doesn't re-injure it before he can adequately build up the strength back in it... god knows we need him to reck havoc cause to this point Grady isn't getting nearly enough help.
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