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  1. Also, since the Falcons brass have publicly stated that there will be a uniform change, if now isn't the right time to talk about this subject, I'm not sure when is??? Besides, I remember how pumped up and excited I was back when the Jerry Glanville led Falcons did the uniform and came out in those black helmets and jerseys, man I was too pumped... sadly, the uni's (in my humble opinion) have gone downhill ever since. Those uni's were iconic just as the Raiders, Steelers, Packers, Chiefs and cowboys uni's are all iconic and perhaps to a lesser extent I would also say the old powder blue Char
  2. Yes, if financially it's too painful to cut him but do look to move-on from him as quickly as possible... as production does not match pay and for all of the accolades he gets for blocking, he really isn't a good blocker in pass protection. He perhaps gets an "A" for effort (well, except for the missed assignment in the Super Bowl that got Matt face-planted and cost us a decent shot at a field goal, sigh)... but really I've seen him get literally run-over in pass protection more than I've seen him lay the wood. What he still can do, however, is catch the ball out of the backfield so there is
  3. Thx all for your honest feedback... very much appreciated. Whichever uni Arthur and the Round Table chooses, let's just hope they have the wisdom to remove vertical stripes from the sleeves (reminds of a clown outfit) and tie-in all 3 levels (helmet, jersey and pants) a bit better for a more cohesive look... fyi, this is harder to do if the helmet is a different color than the jersey but is possible if they use he color of the helmet generously throughout the jersey and pants... good luck Dirty Birds... make us proud. Best, DirtyBird46
  4. Here is a closer look at my proposed helmet design... cheers!!!
  5. I would just like to see what Tak can do completely healthy (assuming that's even possible at this point). Seems he's been playing with bum shoulders ever since we drafted him. Should surgery is no easy thing to recover from (trust me, I know first hand)... it can end careers. I'm told there have been advances in the surgical procedure since I had mine, so am hopeful for a full recovery and rehab. Hoping he doesn't re-injure it before he can adequately build up the strength back in it... god knows we need him to reck havoc cause to this point Grady isn't getting nearly enough help.
  6. Hi All, Long time reader but new to the Board. Would like to chime in on the new Uni's. In my humble opinion our current uni's are dreadful and in dire need of a refresh. Generally speaking the entire uni looks like a compromise b/w red and black with no real point of view or direction. That said all is not loss... here is my proposed presentment of the problem and proposed solution: PROBLEM Specifically, the most brutal eyesores are: (1) the clownish stripes on the sleeves that go vertical rather than horizontal, simply awful; (2) the helmet, shirt and pants are all differe
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