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    Nat_Turner reacted to g-dawg in Falcons draft Jaylinn Hawkins   
    Box safety - not fast.  Targeting penalties.
    Sounds like a hit man.
    Special teamer and don’t count on much else.
    This is only pick I won’t defend.
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    Nat_Turner reacted to Monolith2001 in Very happy with the Henessey pick   
    This draft hasn't had bling but solid guys with tons of upside who can play the roles we needed help in.  Very happy with this draft.
    He doesn't NEED to play.  We need to get value out of our expensive free agents from last year.
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    Nat_Turner reacted to WestGAFalcon in What does Marlon Davidson bring to the table for the Falcons?   
    Dude fights, 3T, 5T doesn't matter... dude is a dog
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