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  1. I am leaning that way @ the 4 pick
  2. Any one who can build the trenches. Run the ball and stop the run
  3. Its way past time to build the team from the inside out. We need some BIg Nasty's on the line like Dahl and Clabo .
  4. I like the pick, seems like an insurance policy pick. Is it me or have we been drafting quite a bit from the Pac _12 .
  5. You just have to give the guy a chance. I remember hearing about him when he was in high school . As in life everybody not going to like you. Hopefully he can be coached up .
  6. If we trade up it has to be for a game changer. IMHO Simmons can be a game changer. I am torn between a CB @ 16 and a second tier D Lineman or Kinlaw @16 and a second tier CB
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