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  1. I’d imagine mims gets the ball rolling again for the good guys.
  2. I’d say wait til they lose to ga state and see if he sticks...but...
  3. Lotta good ol coming out of of Brentwood tn over the past decade. Yeah with that offer sheet he’s gotta be legit. If we get football, I gotta say I’m excited to see how we use cook. Seems he’d be an a. Kamara type in this scheme; we definitely have the clock killing bruisers on the ol and in the backfield...he just might remind people how good he is working the edges 1v1 vs edge players. I see a lot of Arian smith slants with cook flaring to his vacated side. Good luck covering that. Outside of bama, I don’t see anyone on our schedule who could realistically play anything but zone vs this unit. Florida might try it but I think unless they get home a lot on their pressure they’ll get out of it quickly.
  4. I’ll take him sticking out west. I’ll take Oregon, but if usc has a decent year their a maybe. My unqualified .02 in other news, i wonder how Zach Evans is spending his quarantine. Probably a horrible reality show to be made there.
  5. Here’s mine chaison or k9 at 16...both rangy...Whoever can bring the better rush gets my nod trade next years 2nd, 3rd and 5th if necessary to get a pick between in the early 20s use that pick on Henderson, uf 47 Ruiz or cberry lsu trade our 5 6 and a pick next year (5th might do it) for a pick in the 50s - 60s use that pick on Zuniga, uf 78 gay jr 7th hotrod, uga oughta give gjarrett help on 3rd down (slide Zuniga inside) and will let us know if we have anything in takk with lb and occasional dt (Zuniga) help rushing. With Fowler and debo, no way y’all sees anything but 1v1 blocking. If he can’t win that...bust and move on. Also gives us a new 1cb, lets up keep kazee at fs and gives us lg competition/Mack insurance/understudy. I know it hurts next year, but either we progress this year or we likely blow it up next year anyway. I think this goes a long way to fixing personnel issues...but I personally am no fan of koetter so I doubt it’ll matter. What y’all think?
  6. I definitely don’t watch enough to know any different, but if consensus is jm is a top ten lt then yeah I wouldn’t touch that spot either. I know we spent on the right side last years draft and brought in f. agents for the left side...but the Matt Ryan abuse and lack of a run game last year makes me worry we might get more of the same this year. I’d like us to at least grab a developmental center to train under Mack though. Personally, I’ve never been super impressed with koetter so it maybe be an xs and os issue (obviously that’s not a criticism of your draft in any way though). Love Kinlaw.
  7. I’m a cfb guy all the way and didn’t watch the falcons last year. That said, my understanding is our online was fairly awful. If that’s true...I’m not sure I understand your mock with our cap spent on tg3 and fowler. Mack is almost done, jake Matthews is ok to better than average. Outside of that, I remember the reviews for our ol didn’t sound pretty. Am I missing something? To me, with all those weapons on O, this draft oughta be ol heavy early. Thoughts?
  8. It’s weird to me that an authoritarian China hasn’t put boots on the ground in these open air markets to stop this...seems like every few years a new strain emerges there from the same practice of killing and preparing different species in close proximity. On another note, has Zach Evans made a move yet? Been too busy with grad school to stay up on recruiting. Hope you’re all safe and sound; wash those hands
  9. Kids, this just might be the off-season that marked kirbys maturation from elite preparer and tireless worker to chess master. This staff is scary good
  10. Still Newman’s job to (hopefully not) lose, but boy the qb room looks vicious for ‘21...a spread scheme with 3 qbs who can get you a 1st down at the least. We’re about as insulated v injury under center as anyone else now. With that depth, I’d hope we’d be calling aggressively v shying away from an runs. Sweet times in Athens, friends. And good for Mathis...seems like a good kid/good family
  11. Tyson Campbell, I cant see him being any lower than a 2nd rounder...length and burst are elite. All I’ve seen negative from him is a little grabby on beer routes. I do think, though, he’d be a better zone corner than man vs nfl speed. I’d like to see him at robber/free safety...maybe way off base but I do think he’s an elite read and react downhill guy. Could be an absolute weapon with lecounte at strong. Won’t happen, but I’d love to see it. I’m confident Ben Cleveland can be the best run blocking guard in the draft eligible pool if he wants...but even more confident in tc. I’d have to hear some real convincing not to be high on him. speaking of corners and dbs...my god. Tc, Lcine, lecounte, Daniel, stevenson, Kellee...I mean...where the **** are you gonna throw? Kimber can physically mirror anyone in ncaa and might not see the field? Come on...such a fun time to be a dawg. Honestly think sack and pressures could very well double for us vs last year with 1) those dbs forcing progression reads and holding the ball 2) our elite edge guys and the 3) very good chance that we could be forcing teams to air it out to catch up with our offensive changes
  12. I think Cleveland has a monster year; he should dominate 1v1 run blocking esp vs nickel personnel
  13. For me, I’d worry more about mcconkey and smiths size vs press man than kr...I mean, it’s just my eyes, but outside of having the mass to take hits without fumbling, I’d say kr one of the least mass sensitive
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