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  1. I'd like Green back but to me 4ish million is better spent on the bench.
  2. I saw Jedd Gyorko projected to take a 1 yr at 2.5m; if that's even close I saw burn a prospect or two to move ender's $ and sign him...gives us a couple potentially potent bench hitters with Lamb (L) and Gyorko (R) and we can sub reasonably well for the whole IF and still compete. If we moved the whole Inciarte contract, I say get Puig or someone similar around 1.5m and we suddenly have a pretty scary bench and save around 5m for freddie/dans...bullpen is fine at the backend with minter, martin matzek and any kind of rebound from w. smith...plenty of arms to figure out early-mid relief.
  3. Here's hoping the starters and rotation are good enough early for us to buy some bench help before the all-star break...i think the pen is fine, though if the money weren't an issue id see what it'd take to grab rosenthal. Someone like a mitch moreland makes a lotta bench sense to me...need at least one bat with some legit pop
  4. With Pache and Acuna, we can slide the outfield to Ozuna and protect his defense quite a bit as well...definitely a big net plus for us with his power protecting freddie, plus his personality as others have mentioned. Good day for the Braves and well done AA...always laying in the grass and honestly, has the guy tipped his hand even once yet?
  5. I like Renato Nunez as a bench bat/A. Riley insurance there...shouldn't be north of 6-7million and he's young; I say grab him and maybe a Villar type guy (switch hitter, better contact rates) as an upgrade over Camargo and, if possible, put together a trade for Willians Astudillo; all three we're pretty cost controlled and waaayyy deeper than now. All three swing it well; to me, the everyday group is very solid, as is the rotation. Minter, Matzek, Martin and Smith plus guest appearances from guys like De La Cruz, Ynoa, Davidson, Mueller, Wilson, Wright...I think save $ on Melancon or otherwise
  6. Thank god. Gives us an of with a cannon arm that hits righties for power; nice addition losing kakes and maybe freeman for a bit. Acuna puig and platoon ender and duvall. Ozuna at dh. Good job atl
  7. Definitely a nice luxury having two talented, experienced triggermen. COVID insulation and almost guarantees good execution in the new system.
  8. I’d imagine mims gets the ball rolling again for the good guys.
  9. I’d say wait til they lose to ga state and see if he sticks...but...
  10. Lotta good ol coming out of of Brentwood tn over the past decade. Yeah with that offer sheet he’s gotta be legit. If we get football, I gotta say I’m excited to see how we use cook. Seems he’d be an a. Kamara type in this scheme; we definitely have the clock killing bruisers on the ol and in the backfield...he just might remind people how good he is working the edges 1v1 vs edge players. I see a lot of Arian smith slants with cook flaring to his vacated side. Good luck covering that. Outside of bama, I don’t see anyone on our schedule who could realistically play anything but zone vs this unit
  11. I’ll take him sticking out west. I’ll take Oregon, but if usc has a decent year their a maybe. My unqualified .02 in other news, i wonder how Zach Evans is spending his quarantine. Probably a horrible reality show to be made there.
  12. Here’s mine chaison or k9 at 16...both rangy...Whoever can bring the better rush gets my nod trade next years 2nd, 3rd and 5th if necessary to get a pick between in the early 20s use that pick on Henderson, uf 47 Ruiz or cberry lsu trade our 5 6 and a pick next year (5th might do it) for a pick in the 50s - 60s use that pick on Zuniga, uf 78 gay jr 7th hotrod, uga oughta give gjarrett help on 3rd down (slide Zuniga inside) and will let us know if we have anything in takk with lb and occasional dt (Zuniga) help rushing. With Fowler and debo, no way
  13. I definitely don’t watch enough to know any different, but if consensus is jm is a top ten lt then yeah I wouldn’t touch that spot either. I know we spent on the right side last years draft and brought in f. agents for the left side...but the Matt Ryan abuse and lack of a run game last year makes me worry we might get more of the same this year. I’d like us to at least grab a developmental center to train under Mack though. Personally, I’ve never been super impressed with koetter so it maybe be an xs and os issue (obviously that’s not a criticism of your draft in any way though). Love Kinlaw.
  14. I’m a cfb guy all the way and didn’t watch the falcons last year. That said, my understanding is our online was fairly awful. If that’s true...I’m not sure I understand your mock with our cap spent on tg3 and fowler. Mack is almost done, jake Matthews is ok to better than average. Outside of that, I remember the reviews for our ol didn’t sound pretty. Am I missing something? To me, with all those weapons on O, this draft oughta be ol heavy early. Thoughts?
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