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  1. Bottom line is simple, if they weren't in a "REBUILDING MODE" instead of what they are calling a NON "REBUILDING MODE" then they be using Kyle Pitts all over the field. That's why they keep using the term "We are HERE TO COMPETE". No, they are in a "REBUILDING MODE". Might have been good to have lost to the Giants in the long run so they could draft better players. I'm not knocking the Falcons here folks, I'm just giving my opinion of what I see that's going on. If they were not in a "REBUILDING MODE" they be designing every other play around Kyle Pitts. JMO.......
  2. "REALITY" : Give some credit to Grady Jarrett INSTEAD! That is the only reason he's getting opportunities for anything. Be honest here people please! You wanna thank someone, thank Grady!
  3. Some people deserve a 2nd chance, but not a 6th and 7th chance.
  4. I will agree with the OP on this. Thing is #1, the Falcons starters or main players had no time to gel. They have talent no doubt. So in a sense this will be there preseason playing against those teams. But on the flip side it could also mean what they learn is not what they need to learn from a weaker team IF THAT IS THE CASE. I don't think releasing players right or letting them go quickly is a good thing, I mean who would want to come to Atlanta with a one look and bye bye situation. 2-2 would be a nice starting point. But less get to 2-1 first, nothing is given and nothing is guaranteed that's for sure. A good start would be to start throwing the ball to Kyle Pitts more than 1-2 times a game. Although it makes me wonder if he isn't injured in some way since they haven't been doing so. We shall see...... GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm sorry to LMAO! But last time I watched a winning football team "THE WAY YOU TURN THE FOOTBALL OVER AFTER FAILURE" was not the biggest problem.
  6. The bird flew over your head completely I guess. I was saying : "The teams that get the calls on game day that MATTER, are the teams who have the largest market share, or the owners who have the greater interest COMPANY wise through their advertising". Just my opinion.....
  7. I would not call it cursed, I call it business and kick backs and the people who are paying for the adds their teams get all the calls and control how the game ends up. JMO. FLAME AWAY.
  8. You win! The most RIDICULOUS post on the forums this year! NO DOUBT! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA Just a reminder to those who do not actually pay attention watching the games LOOK : "It is really hard for a QB to throw the ball when they are about to get knocked down on their butt!". Should I say more?
  9. I'm going to call it a night and watch the rest of this offline. Take care all, and remember at the end of the day this is only a game. God bless you all! Take care!
  10. Falcons draft a #1 draft pick and throw to him like 3 times or so in 2 games. Maybe it's JUST ME, but if they used him to spread the field that might open up the run game a little.
  12. Am I the only one sick of hearing that 1 particular commentator getting excited about the BUCS scoring? The former Panther player is at least honest. But that other dude is obviously enjoying the failure of the Falcons. Not to mention, not sure if anyone else noticed this. I get up really early in the morning, like 2am or so, early for some. Anyway Fox was running the promo on this game and had it spelled "FLACONS vs BUCS". That was aired for 6 hours or so before they corrected it. Kinda makes you wonder how much bias is going into the officiating in this game after seeing that and the SPONSORS. Oh well. I may not be here next year, so these "WAIT TO NEXT YEAR" comments mean nothing to me. I guess I just root for the wrong team. Have a great night all, peace an blessings to you all. At the end of the day it is only a game, but it does make you wonder if you are not making poor decisions with your choices.
  13. The return of "BLOCK I N THE BACK!" WOW! Where have I heard that one before? Never called except against the FALCONS apparently.
  14. If it is not working, you do something different. Play Man on Man, HIT GRONK coming off the line instead of showing them zone where he's got all day to run down the field. Oh well, we shall see. Seems like everytime the Falcons offense does anything good they get called for a phantom penalty or some player acts hurt for the other team to stop their momentum. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I have said it, and said it and said it FOR YEARS! If you PLAY : "ZONE DEFENSE" you give the other team 5 yards to pass and play with automatically. Or 5 yards to run through your line. If you line up for a run as the Falcons do then it's an automatic LOOK "NO PASS" play. Why? Because NOBODY IS LINED UP TO CATCH A PASS. Short field football will never win a game, unless the other team LIKE THE FALCONS decides from the start to GIVE YOU THOSE ZONES and plays. Falcons should have went for it on 4th and 1 earlier in the game. What did they have to lose at that point being behind 7-0. You either show up to WIN and PLAY or you show up to FOLLOW A SCRIPT which is what "WE" as Falcons fans have seen for years. Oh well, I can see how this is going to play out, no different than the past, ZONE DEFENSE and give the Bucs 5 yards which will allow them to RUN every play or pass. I'd rather see the Falcons go down playing MAN ON MAN DEFENSE and send an all out blitz than this BS. I'll still root for the Falcons as I always have, and I am sure someone will be butt hurt by my opinion. But the the BOTTOM line is WHAT IS NOT WORKING IS NOT WORKING. WHAT HAS NOT WORKED DOES NOT WORK. That's the problem with "COACHES" they try things over and over trying to figure out why things DO NOT WORK instead of trying something different to see if DIFFERENT works. Just my opinion. Flame away at me if you want. I am so sick of pulling for this team to win when it counts and have my heart ripped out for doing so. My prediction on the second half, they will start calling FAKE fouls on the Falcons to protect BRADY. And :::: ANYTIME and I MEAN ANYTIME THE FALCONS make a good play on OFFENSE there will be a : FAKE HURT player fall down for the BUCS! This FAKE HURT PLAYER stuff needs to stop. Way to stop that is to make a rule where if a player goes down that stops a GAME then that player should be not be allowed to player for the rest of that QTR, and if they want that player to come back in then it should cost them a time out. Oh well. I'm a die hard Falcons fan. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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