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  1. Mookie Betts just hit his 3rd homerun of the game. It's only the 5th inning.
  2. Rio Ruiz just hit his 5th homerun of the season.
  3. The Red Sox pitcher got injured so the Red Sox moved catcher Kevin Plawecki to pitcher and put in infielder Tzu-Wei Lin at catcher.
  4. With the news coming out about how much money the Braves are losing this season there's a very real fear that payroll could be cut dramatically next year to make up for the lost revenue this year. That's one of the biggest reason to throw Touki, Wright, and then maybe Davidson and Anderson out there and let them take their lumps regardless of the results. Find out if these guys are guys you can build a 2021 rotation around since the chances of being able to spend big money on the free agent market is extremely slim.
  5. How do you kill an ERA? You face 6 batters and all 6 batters score while not recording a single out. That's exactly what has happened to Marcus Walden in the 6th inning. It's 16-5 Rays with still nobody out in the 6th.
  6. The Rays have scored 8 plus runs in each of the 4 games in this series in Boston against the Red Sox. It's the first time in franchise history that they've scored 8 plus runs in each game of a 4 game series.
  7. I would put Acuna on the 10-day IL and call up Pache or Waters. You can retroactive it to 2 days ago, there's the off day tomorrow and the 3 days in Miami. That's already half the IL time.
  8. According to Chip Caray every ball that is hit into the outfield and doesn't end up in the seats is a "just miss."
  9. That's two balls tonight that Ender has looked downright stupid on. That's not counting when he fielded the ball and then lost the ball.
  10. Exercise his option means keep him. You want the Braves to decline his option.
  11. Ender's dumb*** cost the Braves 2 runs now!! Thanks Ender you useless piece of ****!!
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