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  1. I wouldn't say he was terrible in 2017. The team just wasn't winning with him. But he had 7 TDs and only 2 INTs that year before the switch to Tannehill. The Titans went 2-4 in the 6 games Mariota started and each of the 2 wins he had 3 TDs and no picks. There was another game in which he had no touchdowns or picks but had over 300 yards. He was having games similar to the ones Matt Ryan had the final 3 games of 2020 where he was putting up solid numbers but it wasn't translating to points and wins.
  2. People are overrating the Dolphins defense. Dolphins defense through 3 games is giving up over 400 yards per game and 27.3 points per game. Since when is that good?
  3. Saying the salary cap can be manipulated and creative things can be done with contracts is much much different than saying the salary cap is fake or doesn't exist. I believe the Falcons will try really hard to move on Matt Ryan after this year. They just couldn't afford to make it work financially to get rid both Ryan and Julio this past offseason. Since Julio had made it known he wouldn't play for the Falcons anymore they traded Julio. The only issue I don't understand with Ryan is when they reworked his contract why they didn't do the voided years thing the Saints did with Brees and the Bucs did with Brady so that would make him easier to move. There was just no way for the Falcons to field a competitive team this year around Ryan.
  4. T.Y. Hilton when healthy is the Colts #1 option and IMO he's better than Ridley. Raiders receiving core is much better than the Falcons. You didn't even mention Bryan Edwards and Hunter Renfroe who are both better than anyone the Falcons have not named Ridley.
  5. Ryan Clark is on SportsCenter with SVP right now and he just explained the turn around from Dan Quinn. He said Dan Quinn is not the same DC he used to be. Clark said when he was hired by the Cowboys he got together with all the other defensive assistants and they put together a playbook based on the talent the Cowboys have. Why couldn't he have done that here instead of trying to force feed his Tampa 2 stuff? I can't answer that question. Maybe it took him getting fired to realize that he needed to change or get left behind.
  6. Yeah!!! I'm freaking thrilled because I'm tired of the Falcons being soft. The one thing the Falcons weren't with Mularkey was soft. You might like soft football but I don't. I wanted slobbernocker football and that's the kind of football team Arthur Smith is building.
  7. Looks to me like you're *****ing just for the heIl of *****ing cause the Falcons aren't coming out throwing the ball all over the **** place cause Arthur Smith wants to run the ball and build an established ground and pound type team like we had under Mularkey. I'm glad we have that kind of coach!! I'm done with this silly conversation.
  8. Getting rid of Matt Ryan was never an option because of the salary cap. Not one person on here said that the salary cap isn't real. That's another TATF myth. Building a team and then finding a QB is better than drafting a QB just for the heIl of it. A rookie QB would get his confident killed playing for this team right now. Just because the Falcons didn't get a QB this year doesn't mean they can't get one next year.
  9. Not every play but sometimes you can. Especially if the announcers point it out during a replay like Greg Olson did several times during the Bucs game.
  10. That is why Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn got fired and why we have a new GM and HC this year. Anyone expecting the Falcons to be truly competitive this year was living in fantasy land. This roster just isn't capable of doing that. As far as them saying they wanted to win now, what do you want them to say? "We know we don't have a shot in heIl of winning this year so don't come to the games and don't watch on TV cause you're gonna be disappointed with the product and results." Do people honestly expect them to come out publicly and say something like that? That would have been a death sentence on their careers cause the players would have immediately turned on them. Good luck with that.
  11. Exactly. I feel like I'm watching a totally different game than 85% of this message board. I saw play calls on Sunday against the Giants that called for plenty of shots down the field and a QB scared to death to throw the ball down the field. It wasn't until the 4th quarter with the game on the line that Ryan finally started making some of those throws down the field cause he had no other choice if he wanted to win the game. This is what I keep trying to tell people. Matt Ryan is playing like crap this year and playing scared. He needs to get his act together!!
  12. I don't think calling for deep shots off the first play of the game is "playing scared." Matt Ryan is the one playing scared, not Smith.
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