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  1. He's been hanging around Chuckie too long. LOL!
  2. Good news about the Falcons embarrassment today. Raheem Morris got exposed as a fraud so it's easy to can him after the season. Falcons had teams in front of them like the Broncos, Cowboys and Chargers win today to help them in the draft order.
  3. That's all I need to hear!! Have a nice future somewhere else Raheem!! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
  4. Julio didn't play after the first series of the game and if you watched the other games this year that Julio didn't play in you shouldn't have been surprised that the offense came to a dead stop without him on the field. This offense runs through Julio. Always has. When he's not out there it doesn't work. Ridley only gets the numbers he does because of Julio. Ridley isn't good enough to draw coverage his way and open up other guys the way Julio does when he's on the field.
  5. Who was he supposed to throw to? He doesn't hold on to the ball just to hold onto it and take sacks. Anyone that thinks Ryan is purposely not throwing the ball has no ******* clue. It's ridiculous the way this place acts. When there's no one to throw to and you can't throw it away because you'll get a penalty you have no choice but to take a sack. Anyone that understands football knows this.
  6. He was holding onto the ball because there was no one to throw to!! Ryan looked pretty ******* good the last several games. But he has 1 bad game and all of a sudden he's washed. This place is ridiculously bad at being honest and objective.
  7. I asked a legit question. You came back with a smartass answer. Thanks for playing!!
  8. I have a question for you that proves the opposite is true. What good is a sack on 1st down if you give up the 1st down on the next play?
  9. There is not a single team in the NFL that routinely gets home with the front 4. That's just not possible in today's NFL where offenses get rid of the ball so quickly. You need to bring extra pressure to get home. We may not have the star power people want on the DL but guys like Bailey, Means and Harris have proven to be very good players. We could definitely use a J.J. Watt to help free them guys up. But you need to be about 7 or 8 deep on the DL and Falcons have those really good deep guys that you can rotate in to keep guys fresh.
  10. Angels Add Three To Front Office By TC Zencka | November 22, 2020 at 5:00pm CDT New Angels GM Perry Minasian is bringing three of his former co-workers to his new team. Per the Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal (via Twitter), the Angels will hire Alex Tamin as an assistant GM, Dominic Chiti as a special assistant, and Rick Williams as a scout. All three were formerly employed by the Braves. Tamin, Rosenthal notes, was also an assistant GM with the Braves, but his move to the Angels still qualifies as a promotion. Minasian, for example, ranked above Tamin with the Braves, despite th
  11. People keep saying that but the numbers prove differently. Falcons are among the best teams in the NFL in pressures, hurries and QB hits. You don't do that with a severe lack of talent.
  12. We've got talent. But we could have a whole lot more if we would just draft the obvious players instead of getting cute.
  13. Most definitely talent decision issues. Common sense tells you T.J. Watt is a dog and a playmaker but we trade up for a guy no one has ever heard of who played on one of the worst defenses in college football. Those are the types of moves that get you fired. I remember me, @Knight of God and a few others were beating the drum hard for Watt and got told he was too small to play in the NFL and a long list of other excuses for why the Falcons shouldn't draft him. He's just one of many examples of passing on the clearly better player to reach for some "project" because of "reasons." Then
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