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  1. Only a total dumb*** thinks the Falcons as they stand right now on March 28th isn't a better team than they were last time they played an NFL game.
  2. THANK YOU!! It's about ******* time someone here pulled their heads out of their *** and used some reading comprehension.
  3. Has nothing to do with it. I said in my OP I don't give a **** about power rankings and hardly ever look at them but when it's 3 or 4 am or whatever time it was and I was bored out of my misery I decided to look at them and I'm just trying to figure out how the Falcons got better and are 3 spots worse. That's all I was pointing out. No crying and no complaining. No *****ing. No hurt feelings. Nothing. But I blame myself for even posting this because no one took 5 ******* seconds to read the ******* OP where I said all of that and instead come in here with the usual nonsense we get on TATF and people wonder why this place is such a **** hole to deal with. God I hate this ******* place and the way it operates but I've got no other place to go to talk about Falcons football so it's ****ed if I do or ****ed if I don't and people like you are the main ones that make me never want to post here which is why I don't post here much.
  4. Learn to read. I'm not complaining about being in the middle of the pack. I'm just pointing out how hypocritical it is to say "they've had a solid offseason" but drop them 3 spots in the rankings. I wouldn't care if they were ranked 25th. I just don't see any logic in them moving down 3 spots and that is what I was pointing out. But you're a Saints fan so reading comprehension is lost on you.
  5. I was just saying I don't understand how the Falcons get better and go down 3 spots. The Steelers get worse and go up 6 spots. The Broncos get massively better and are only the 25th best team in the NFL? What exactly are these rankings based on?
  6. We haven't lost a game either.
  7. I'm gonna so laugh my *** off if Beasley puts up 10 plus sacks for the Titans this year. Folks here will have a massive meltdown and I'll be able to say "told you so" when folks were talking about how horrible he is and I kept saying he wasn't being used correctly. Later part of the season he started being used correctly and started making an impact. I just hate this coaching staff and how they screw things up.
  8. Actually the Falcons did "get rid of him." He was a restricted free agent and the Falcons decided to not even tender him a contract. That's the very definition of getting rid of.
  9. Brown, Carpenter and Schaub are just 3 of the terrible contracts the Falcons have handed out on the past several years.
  10. $5M in today's NFL is peanuts, especially when you consider some of the dumb contracts the Falcons have handed out over the past several years. Look at what Matt Schaub has gotten paid to be Ryan's mentor. It's ridiculous.
  11. The man responsible for bringing the Braves to Atlanta has died.
  12. Why did the Falcons get rid of him? Brian Poole, CB, New York Jets The deal: One year, $5 million Grade: A- Non-tendered by the Falcons last offseason, Poole responded by turning into something truly rare by 2019 standards: a bright spot for the Jets. With Poole serving as their primary slot corner, the Jets allowed a passer rating of 87.7 to wideouts who came out of the slot or out of a tight split, according to NFL Next Gen Stats, the third-best mark in football. By comparison, they ranked 22nd in the league in passer rating on throws to receivers who were split out wide. Brian Poole signed a new one-year deal with the Jets after playing well in 2019. Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images This is a deep draft class for competent cornerbacks (without many great ones available), but the logical entry point for Poole was going to be something close to the four-year, $36 million deal Justin Coleman signed with the Lions last season. Instead, I'm shocked that the 27-year-old Poole wasn't able to attract a significant multiyear offer. The cornerback market has been stagnant, but this is a great deal for the Jets, who get back one of the few positive contributors for another campaign on a modest deal.
  13. I don't get caught up in power rankings and rarely ever even look at them but get bored enough and I'll do anything for a laugh and this here is no different. The little burb about the Falcons talks about how solid their off-season has been so far and yet somehow they were dropped 3 spots? How can they have such a solid off-season so far and drop 3 spots? How in the world did the Steelers go up 6 spots when they lost one of their best defensive players (Javon Hargrave)? RANK 18 FALCONS 3 Previous rank: No. 15 Solid work by the Falcons in the first week of the league year. The team imported two Rams stars in running back Todd Gurley and pass rusher Dante Fowler Jr., then replaced tight end Austin Hooper (off to Cleveland on a big-money deal) by trading for former Ravens first-round pick Hayden Hurst, a young player with legit upside. Fowler is an upgrade over Vic Beasley, who signed with the Titans, but it's Gurley who exists as the team's great curiosity. The chronic knee issue can't be ignored, but is it possible the Rams' regression along their offensive line was overlooked as an explanation for Gurley's pedestrian play in 2019? We'll find out in September. (Hopefully.)