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  1. The Tampa Bay Rays have really hit the skids. They've lost 6 straight, 4 via walkoff fashion (3 in extras) and fallen out of 1st place.
  2. I guess I'm in the minority, I don't know why folks would hate Kaleb McGary already but then again this is TATF and rookies get an extremely short rope here. I can't wait until Kyle Pitts drops a big pass and there's 10 "KYLE PITTS IS A BUST!!!! FALCONS SHOULD HAVE DRAFTED FIELDS!!!" threads on the front page.
  3. 1st Game 7 road win in Hawks history. They're now 1-9 in such games.
  4. Doc Rivers has now lost 29 win or go home playoff games. That's the most by single head coach in NBA history.
  5. Paging @Unknøwn HAHAHA!
  6. Hawks are gonna win!!! Heck yeah!!
  7. Hawks up 4 with 54 seconds left!!
  8. Dang it, bad, bad turnover by Young there.
  9. What a shot by Trae Young!!! Oh my!!
  10. Yeah. I saw that on one of the Braves broadcasts.
  11. I can't believe the Hawks got me watching an NBA game.
  12. I agree. I'd save Anderson for the non deGrom game. The Mets are 8-3 when deGrom starts and all 3 losses were in April.
  13. Braves split the doubleheader and thanks to the Nats taking care of business against the Mets they pick up half a game in the standings. Now 5 back with the 4 coming up. I said they need to take at least 3 out of 4. If they do that they will leave just 2 behind.
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