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  1. Correct. Every sports games have their issues. None of them will ever truly be able to replicate realism but some have more issues than others. Madden 21 is the first Madden I've really played since 16 and it's a lot different than 16 so I actually like it. I tried to play 20 but was playing the pro bowl thing they make you do and it was impossible to tackle the running back on that one and I didn't even finish the pro bowl thing before I took it back. The game play this year is actually a lot of fun when you don't expect too much from it. If you take it for what it's worth it can be enjoyable
  2. Mack also played for Shanahan with the Browns. 49ers seem like the best fit for him.
  3. Absolutely!! Would feel a whole lot better with him as Freddie's backup instead of Sandoval.
  4. Better hope that's the case. But I'm not gonna be over confident about it. The Mets look like a real challenge on paper.
  5. The Braves schedule is so stupid. They play the Mets and Phillies only a combined 6 times in their final 58 games of the season. Those are the last 6 games of the season. So if the Braves are chasing either of those teams down the stretch they're gonna need a lot of outside help.
  6. Southern Illinois beat North Dakota State 38-14. First loss for North Dakota State since November 4, 2017. They had won 39 straight games.
  7. When Notre Dame announced they were opting out someone posted an old screen shot from the old Bill Walsh college football game on Sega showing Alabama playing against South Bend University.
  8. Phil Pfeifer has been outrighted to Triple-A Gwinnett.
  9. Everything you could ever want to know about The Show. https://www.operationsports.com/?s=mlb+the+show+21
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