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  1. Just gets to the point Quinn and staff did not have the players ready for the season. No accountability,discipline and leaders made this a poor defense. I am glad the previous regime is gone.Now to dig out of the hole TD has left the team in cap wise.
  2. Pees defense reminds me of the Jimmy Johnson defenses in Philly. I could be wrong but Johnson didn't have many stars although Dawkins was one of the best. Johnson's defenses was predicated on wrecking havoc. You didn't know where 4he blitz was coming from. If this is the kind of defense the Falcons want than great. I look at the defense with what the Falcons have as a work in progress. Its going to take 2 or 3 drafts to be really good.The offense will carry the work load obviously. I feel much better about where the Falcons are headed with AS and TF. Always that way on the onset but if these 2 are the right guys will see progress year after year. Unlike the previous regime where they talked alot how the Falcons improved but you didn't see it on the field. Missed tackles,sloppy play no direction and this is after years of the same head people. Results are what is counted not excuses.
  3. I do remember a Falcon coach was really pushing hard for Tak (Ulbrich) I guess. Falcons draft him and by passed a hall of famer.
  4. Sometimes the best strategy is to lose if the season is already over for the team. It offer many more advantages in accumulating picks or drafting an elite player as opposed to winning meaningless games and a lower draft pick gives you less options. Lose right and you won't be drafting low again lose wrong and year after year you'll always mIss out on all the options.
  5. Here's a thought how many games did the Falcons lose by 7 pts or less? Now if the Falcons could have converted those field goals into Tds don't you think that would have made a difference? Yes Falcs need defense but the flip side is covert 3 pts to 7 and you win enough games probably in the playoffs.
  6. I remember the doubts about Donald to small no way he'll do that in the pros. Sometimes you get a player that defies all the naysayers and becomes a superstar . It wasn't like he didn't do anything in college. While Pitts is being applauded with all hi is great ability I still think he lives up to it and who ever passes will regret it. Same with Warren Sapp and a few others. I hope the Falcs don't over value the QB position plus the fact the Qb will have to sit on the bench from 1 to 2 yrs. I understand the love for Fields so if the Falcs draft him he better turn into an elite player.
  7. Right now hate to say it Falcons could very well draft Fieldsif still available. I have this sinking feeling were going to see a top talent go right by for a Qb.If Fields is taken he better be another Dak Prescott.
  8. Whoever passes on Pitts will be same situation as when Aaron Donald got passed over. Do the Falcons want to make the same mistake.
  9. I have heard Barmore,Trask,Ettiene and J Willams plus Alex Leatherwood. Flip a coin.
  10. If Jerry has something up his sleeve I make him pay through the nose. Gets tiring hearing Jerry this and that.Falcs shouldn't trade down unless the right deal.
  11. I will say Pitts. Fields is in play and I am worried Falcs take him. I did hear Falcs have interest in Trask rd 2 makes sense. Will see how the dominos fall tomorrow night.
  12. No secret that that once out of the top 8 to 10 players drop off in talent. I predict Pat's endvup with Jimmy G. A team would have to give up the farm to move up to 4.
  13. Falcs still have 6 other rounds plus next years draft and possibility of getting rid of Hurst's contract next year and JJ . BPA of the draft why not.
  14. As some above posts have said the is more than one round in the draft. If the Falcons ever hope to catch up to the big boys they must produce solid drafts year in year out and that means through out 7 rounds. Finding the gems in other rounds will make or break TF and AS. I hope TF keeps his promise and draft value. Don't get cute which is what TD. Remember Southward 3rd round pick, the LSU corner etc etc . Falcons can find a guard in rounds 2 or 3 if that is what is concerning to the many who feel its round one or bust.Maybe they go all defense after round 1? This is a 2 yr rebuild on defense not just this draft. Pees will have to get the most out of his talent. Drafting for value and quality is what I hope TF can do unlike TD who just traded picks like a house on fire always trying to get that one player he thought would make a difference. The better teams let the draft come to them. The first round will set the direction on what the Falcons will do as a team. Draft a Qb then your saying Ryan will be gone in 2 yrs. What if he plays well then you could have had a player like Pitts for the 2 yrs the rookie Qb sat. If Pitts is taken then your saying let's create a juggernaut offense ready to co.pete this year. If Ryan plays well could be here another 3 to 4 yrs. If he declines then you draft a Qb in rds 2,3,4 a developmental type. Also while next yrs draft is not good for QBs there will be other drafts Falcons could move up and get one in the 1st. Last yr at this time were Lance,Wilson,Jones even on anyone's radar for top of the 1st round picks. I hope the pick is Pitts the clear no1 value player in the draft. He as alot live up to but as the potential to be a hall of famer. What I don't want to see is Pitts passed on and a Qb is taken who might turn out good but not the top 5 or 10 Qb the franchise needs. Don't screw this up Falcons. Whoever is taken with the 4th pick has to turn into a gem.
  15. As much as I want Pitts got a feeling if Fields is available he'll be the pick. Despite the fact if a Qb is drafted he'll sit on bench for probably 2 yrs . It's the Falcon way. I know TF said BPA but that depends on how the Falcs rank the players. Hate to see Pitts go on and be a Hall of Famer and Falcons get a good player if that in the Qb.
  16. At this point just put them in a hat and whoever comes out is the pick. Less than one week before we know.
  17. I'd rather go with one of the top mock drafters than another mock drafter.
  18. I wonder because their running backs if their value is lower . Running backs don't last as long as other positions normally.
  19. Heads up while we can guess all day on the pick I like to review the past mock drafts in contests and see who the top guy is. I look up the top ones for the past few years. If it means anything the winner over at draftplex has the Falcons taking Asante Samuel Jr rd 2. Round is Pitts as of April 14. I am waiting for him to update to see if he changes. How would you feel about Samuel rd 2?
  20. Agree if Dallas really wants the no4 pick make them pay through the nose. At least another no1 and maybe a 2nd next yr or this year prefer this year.
  21. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. TF's decision will have to be spot on if he grabs one of the QBs. Pitts I was reading when they graded tight ends was hands down the highest grade although they love Chase also. They think Pitts could redefine the position comparable to Waller floor level. As I have said you pass on him your looking at another Aaron Donald situation when Falcons took Jake Mathews. Knowing the FaIcons I am prepared to be let down. Don't overthink this and if you trade down you better hit on those players being above average.
  22. Let's remember a majority of the picks in 1st won't live up the hype. Only a select few will be stars maybe 5 to 10 percent, another 25 very good to players, most average and the rest below average. The media makes it out to be very player will be a star. There are no guarantees but if the Falcs go with Pitts I like my chances. If they trade down TF better make the right choices or the Falcons could get the short end of the stick in the the trade.Pitts becomes a star and Falcs left with a good player and the others ok. Many ways you can look at the draft.
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