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  1. League average on 2nd rounders is 50 percent and from there it goes down on players.
  2. I think most of us agree that trade down is option 1 but only if you get a really good offer. Also the player that TF and AS will have to have a good chance of bring on the board when the Falcons pick. If no good or great offers come in stay at 4. Do you wait 2 yrs provided that Ryan doesn't play well in an offense that AS as designed and made Tennessee a good offense with Tannehill etc. What happens if Ryan plays well and at the end of his contract just signs with another team .The Falcons get nothing but cap relief and a young unproven Qb. TF and AS realize all these options and
  3. Why does everyone think Ryan is done? Just maybe if that idiot Koetter wasn't off coordinator Ryan would not be in conversation of getting rid of. I do realize he as 2 yrs left on contract but if he plays well under AS why not keep him for awhile longer? Sure you'd like a cheaper contract at Qb but it still buys time to get a Qb in a different year. You add Pitts maybe 3rd round running back possibly a guard on 2nd rounder and the rest on defense this year. Next yr all defense get rid of JJ and Hurst maybe have a little salary cap flex next yr because of the moves to add defense looks lik
  4. Thing about MR with a new offensive coach supposedly a guru Matt could reach new levels of success. Koetter was the worst move for the Falcons restricting the offense. Doubt he ever gets a coordinator job again. All this talk of Ryan having lost it could be hearsay if AS can turn the offense around. As bad as the Falcs were in red zone they lost a number of games by less than 7 pts. I'm good either way. Will all have to trust what TF and AS do. I think it was Rich Eisen show any have been another where when Ozzie Newsome got to the Ravens he took Jonathan Igdrn and Ray Lewis in 1st. The o
  5. I'd make Dallas pay through the nose. If you want him that bad pay the price.
  6. A trade down is only an option if the right price is offered.
  7. Question if Pitts is beating Surtain like a drum wouldn't NFL players the elite ones do the same. Also wouldn't that make Pitts even more covetable drafting him since Surtain is supposed to one of the best corners?
  8. QBs can have the physical skills coming into the pros but what is their Qb IQ? This will make or break QBs. Do have the abilty to read defenses and pick the open receiver? Defenses in the NFL play faster and it's a different game. What are the chances Lawrence,Fields, Wilson,Lance and now Jones become top 10 qbs. Right now Pitts chance of being a star is higher than the field of 5 qbs. Pick the wrong Qb will set your franchise back a number of years.
  9. Isn't there a question of dead money of 40 million next year on Ryan's contract?
  10. Use the other rounds to get a guard. Hennessy should be ready. If not another mistake by TD.
  11. You can have the size and speed of Pitts but it takes more to dominant. Pitts has the football IQ and work ethic to be great. Its one thing that can be over looked work ethic. How many of these 4 or 5 QBs have that? It will be the difference in greatness.
  12. The draft is more than the 1st round. Plug up other holes with other picks. No brainer draft the best player when it comes to pick 4.
  13. Why is it everyone thinks the draft is a 1 round process? Falcons have many holes and your lucky to get 2 above average players on a draft. The 1st pick won't make or break the draft although important. This draft reminds me of the Jake Mathews draft. Falcons were so adamant on drafting a left tackle they could not see the bigger picture. Passing on a potential Hall of Famer in Aaron Donald. Mathews as bern good but Donald will because gall of famer. Someone to set the bar to another level. This is what I am afraid will happen to the Falcons again. You want to get a cheaper replacem
  14. Guess will see what TF values based on his moves.
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