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  1. Someone needs to fly a “Grow a pair, Arthur” sky banner over the Benz on Sunday.
  2. Called the loss after the Julio drop. This team has been broken since 28-3
  3. I’m a KyLeTLien. “I be thinkin about those good old days when I was a whippersnapper Used to try to get a kiss but now it be them drawers I’m after. Im just a Southernplayalistic pimp I used to sling a fat rock but now I’m serving hemp” Rise up ATL from Ottawa, Canada
  4. Long time reader first time poster. Dan Quinn going for 2 for absolutely no reason sums up who he is as a head coach, and should tie the ribbon on his pink slip. Dumbest coach and worst game manager in the NFL. In the interest of full disclosure, he also cost me a live over 44.5 with that nonsensical decision. Happy Thanksgiving all from Ottawa, Canada
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