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  1. if honesty is trolling , seen this too many times.. we get talent, we groom talent, they go win rings on other teams
  2. stayin positive as best i can, we HAVE an nba franchise . ... which team will ogoinku win a ring with after he leaves the hawks ?
  3. when do cubans guys call and rip us off again ? also, name your hawks player/s on this team to go win a ring with lakers/clippers/bucks in the coming years ? lookin like schroeder gets his ring in 2021
  4. mike shanahan will hire him as oc, they wil trade for matt ryan and win the superbowl 28-3 , against the pats
  5. two words .. tony romo ' ever notice he always knows the other teams plays beforehand in the broadcast booth ? hmmm
  6. yno the commercial with brett favre and jerry rice promoting back braces and playing againt some guys in some random backyard ? , i was one of them , they threw for over 750 yards on us that day , but i did get an interception
  7. promote matt ryan to hc, gm ' we have to pay him anyways , give the jets two first round pics and two seconds for sam darnold , and sign colin kapernick as qb .. jerry glanville as dc
  8. bill o'brien hc , jerry glanville dc, adam gase gm , sit matt ryan a year so he can learn from colin kaepernick
  9. lawrence is same style as ryan , ryan is aged, veteran 12 years nfl experience, and you want a similar type as him , we need to modernise and get mob ile at the qb. position
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