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  1. Dimitroff is the best GM in the league - Best in Class !
  2. Outstanding move ! This is exactly what we needed. Well Done Dimitroff.
  3. Terrific move releasing Trufant and Freeman - this will put us back in Super Bowl.
  4. Hooper is staying and Freeman is leaving. Freeman a terrific guy but it's time to say goodbye.
  5. Shanahan is an over confident coach - not very smart - he self-destructs. Quinn & team hopefully have learned the lesson from Super Bowl and past season. You play the hand dealt - for every inch.
  6. Kyle Shanahan can't win the big games - he will self destruct.. The Falcons went in and beat them this year - best win of the season.
  7. It's a few bad decisions in this game of inches - He may be a terrific guy and players coach. Hiring Sarkasioan Letting Shanahan and then Lafluer leave. Taking the defense himself this year. keeping Freeman and letting Coleman go. Somehow losing Super Bowl
  8. It's time to say Thanks but no Thanks - a great player that really should retire.
  9. Biggest Mistake of his career was hiring Sark. We all make mistakes but he needs to acknowledge it - if anything is going to change.
  10. Showed that we need to improve the run game - you don't need be a rocket scientist - it's time for Freeman to go.
  11. Freeman should be released - has been a great Falcon but since the injury just cannot not be a premier running back. Everyone knows this - but who has courage to deal with it.
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