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  1. Great Entertainment for us dark side brothers. That means a Qb will be taken soon.
  2. Ok. Here's something to think about. ... If the oline is sooo bad like everyone wants to say.........Why does Ryan repeatedly say in press conferences their doing a great Job??? Getting better everyday? You cannot deny that he's always saying it. I'm waiting pro lovers and trolls...don't come with stats.
  3. Vick paid his dues unlike Ryan. We are paying Ryan's dues with Falcon's filters "Honey, please give me another drink. I'm on the Boards again."
  4. Beans, He plays soo scared because he i believe has a guilty feeling called ummmm........150 FREAKING MILLION DOLLARS! !! Defense wants some of that money. ....don't blame them. Tired of mediocrity! We need a change next year fast! Yall wanna watch press conferences next season and him saying. ...WE WEREN'T PREPARED, BUT HAD GREAT PRACTICES....golly gee wiz.. Then the poor Oline gets blamed.
  5. One player in Atlanta changed the culture in the N.F.L. Michael Vick
  6. No doubt. Dude says "All the fans are defending Ryan" lmao. Ok.
  7. You can say that again. Dude wants us in a losing streak till 2023. He's got his platform to talk trash (with no debates)...and we got ours with debates. Dude will say...find another team to root for and he's a out of state guy. He lost all credibility saying that to fans from Georgia that don't bow down to Ryan's "Greatness"
  8. I doubt that seriously with the NFL going mobile Qb. It's eventually going to come down as which one is the better passer or Runner. Just a thought. But yes, we're still going to see gems like Trevor L.
  9. That Matthew Tee beak columnist is not telling the true story about Matt Ryan. Claims Most fans are defending him , and it's never his fault! Dude must be the biggest pro Ryan troll ever. Half the fanbase is on edge with him. Anytime someone emails with any critical views of Ryan...it's the Oline, the defense, coaching. Dude would quote stats, Hall of fame....But will not engage a back and forth like here. Give him a little credit for being a fan, but come on with his fantasy about Ryan! Lol, yes it's Friday but this dude is delusional. Ryan will also be here till 2023??? Lol ok .
  10. We payed through the Nose for Julio.....So yes, he was our first 7 picks
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