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  1. Another sub par performance for Ryan.....how many does that make this year?
  2. Another sub qb rating of less than 100 for the $130 million qb. I don't care what scheme or who's calling plays....he should never have a rating below 100.
  3. Don't blame Gurley....how many times has the $130 million qb had a qb rating of less than 100?
  4. WTH? The $130 million qb has a rating of 41 for this game? Something is definitely bizarre here.
  5. Why can't we just run the ball in red zone? If we are going to settle for a field goal, try something different and run it with our backs! Tired of MR2 throwing drinks and incompleteness into RZ.
  6. Don't blame Gurley. Best darn running back Falcons have had in years. Put the blame on poor coaching decisions and a terrible secondary.
  7. You really think the problem is DK? How bout getting a defense that can stop my grandmother.
  8. We Falcon fans have seen this movie before.
  9. If the dunce cap fits.....wear it! The Falcons coaching staff and owner deserve one each.
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