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  1. This is a genius idea. This all but guarantee's us the first pick. Then we trade that pick for a whole new secondary (maybe another prime) oh how sweet that would be! Let the comeback begin!!!
  2. STARTS AT THE TOP. This is over! Give an assistant a look (Not Kotter) See who is available at season end. (Official season end not Falcons) not now.
  3. Time for Change. We knew the secondary was inexperienced and needs time but what about all the other reoccurring issues? 1. 3rd Quarter incompetence. What's is it with this broken record? ineffective on both sides of the ball 2. Can't get short yardage late when we just need to maintain possession. 3. Top of the league yardage but come up short on scoring. Even when we have a big lead can't hold it. These are coaching issues. The pipes the pipes are calling,,, It's you it's you ole Danny Boy Give one of the coordinators a look while searching for new HC. this staff has ran it's course. Matt, Julio,Calvin, Hayden are a great combo but they need a defense asap.
  4. Fromm takes first prize. Most of the other comments are lack of education. We know what they intended to say. For Fromm to make such a comment, especially at a sensitive time like this shows what years of being the "star quarterback" in a starstruck fame worshipping society can do to a kids perception and ego. Whether it's second amendment or law enforcement I'm not sure where we are headed. god help us.
  5. We must get off to a strong start. This will be a hard year to win all the last few games like the last two years. We must be above 500 at the bye or it's bye bye Q not BBQ.
  6. or Devin Hester If we had a returner like that It would make a huGe difference.
  7. How much to rent your crystal ball? Sometimes these games are not close, but you can never count on any of them being a cakewalk.
  8. There will be a quality (Defensive) pick at 16. We need to stay put, there are no GUARANTEES. Clowney isn't even signed. Many teams would have sold the farm to get him coming out. Plus injuries can happen to anyone.
  9. High Hopes! I know all the UGA homies are in homie heaven. I just keep seeing in my mind another "Beast looking" former Ram that came here and it was very disappointing. If Gurley can return to form it could be record setting, but something has been up since the Rams Super Bowl. I guess we'll see.
  10. I think it's a good move. Saved lots of $$$ and gained a player with more explosiveness and strong incentive for success here. The last thing this team needed was a top salaried TE whose name is not Gonzalez or Gates.
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