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  1. As an exercise of futility try making a roster at over the cap with maybe $190 mil cap. I decided to cut Allen, Mack, Hill and Schaub this year to get more carryover to next year. Next year cut Brown, Davison, Carpenter and Bailey. Restructure Grady and it can be done.
  2. Two bad, I mean really bad, options for President again. I'm also in the Michelle Obama camp for VP.
  3. Best guess so far as things can change
  4. Atlanta Falcons Compensatory Free Agents Lost: 5 Compensatory Free Agents Gained: 1 Name Rd. APY Rank Name Rd. APY Rank Austin Hooper 4 $11,000,000 163 Dante Fowler Jr. 3 $16,000,000 71 Vic Beasley 5 $9,500,000 211 De'Vondre Campbell 6 $6,000,000 327 Wes Schweitzer 6 $4,500,000 384 Adrian Clayborn 7 $3,000,000 565
  5. Vikings still have 8 picks yet to make. Could still trade a fourth next year for a couple picks this year if they like someone.
  6. Would be nice to have a little depth or salary cap space leftover so you could actually take BPA.
  7. Whatever it takes to rid the locker room of the culture/attitude that led to the 1-7 record to start last year
  8. As in the movie Draft Day, TD needs to put a piece of paper in his pocket that says "Kenny Robinson Jr. No matter what".
  9. I'd like DE Alton Robinson or DE Alex Highsmith or S Burgess or S Kenny Robinson Jr
  10. Still lots of players for our 2 4th round picks.
  11. Hope he can start and spend Mack's money on a defensive FA
  12. What about Kenny Robinson Jr. as a surprise pick if Delpit is gone?
  13. I don't think McKinney is the answer to our problems
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