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  1. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-nfl-predictions/ We underdogs in the last six games.
  2. Neal playing better so move him while you can instead of hoping for a comp pick.
  3. 45 Texans1-6AFC South5-11-67.23%<1%<1%<1%1485 +23 Falcons2-6NFC South5-11-53.81%<1%<1%<1%1332 +2 -11Cowboys2-6NFC East4-12-139.07%7%<1%<1%1356 Giants1-6NFC East4-12-114.25%5%<1%<1%1312 -3 Jets0-8AFC East2-14-216.1<1%<1%<1%<1%1306 -108Jaguars1-6AFC South2-14-182.9<1%<1%<1%<1% Even after the win against the Panthers the Falcons have a 1% chance to make the playoffs. Projected record of 5-11. Should be selling all soon to be free agents buyer willing.
  4. Hopefully going forward more emphasis will be put on the wonderlic results. Not bashing Gurley here but just overall.
  5. Urban Meyer said yesterday that 80% of pass coverage is pass rush.
  6. If I owned the Falcons I certainly would be the GM. Most of us here dream of having that kind of say in the football operations.
  7. The ball trajectory on that Fields TD was beautiful.
  8. Question 1 to McKay) Do you believe the Falcons are going to make the playoff this year? My response to Mr. McKay if the answer is NO, would be why the heck wouldn't you try trading players in the last year of their contract. Compensatory pick projection compared to what they are willing to trade should be considered. A little extra salary cap next year a big plus.
  9. Correct in every point you made. There is one avenue to lower this cap hit in a current league year: the June 1 designation. Teams can spread the cap hit over two seasons by releasing or trading a player after June 1 -- any signing bonus prorations for future seasons are charged to the following seasons' salary cap. Teams are allowed to release two players prior to June 1 (but on or after the first day of the league year) while still using this designation and getting the same cap treatment. However, the cap savings created by a June 1 designation do not take effect until after June 1.
  10. When it comes to the Falcon's salary cap situation it's no laughing matter. I do think the cap next year will be way closer to the $200 mil mark than the $176 OTC is forecasting. If that's the case we may ride Ryan and Julio one more year.
  11. DEAD CAP only matters to Arthur Blank as he is paying players to not play for the Falcons. CAP SPACE is what matters in the possible rebuilding of the team. So AFTER the season if the new regime decides to move on from Ryan they can create cap space by doing so.
  12. This is why TD should have been kept to the end of the year. No way to trade Matt or Julio but darn sure they can try trading anybody that is in the last year of their contract plus a few that have more (Carp and Rico) years but are possible cap casualties next year.
  13. Look the Dolphins are 3-3 and they bench the QB. They know what tanking is all about.
  14. I see C Ben Garland is going on IR. Good bye Alex Mack?
  15. I'm with you about the need to switch directions going forward.
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