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  1. I had some Falcons to win it all at 30 to 1. Originally paid $40 but will sell for $5. Good luck with your bet.
  2. I wonder if there is a correlation to our own personal finances. Do the fans that want to sign/pay Hooper have higher balances on their credit cards and the fans that think he should be allowed to walk are more fiscally responsible with their own money. Just thinking
  3. 2021 cap hit increased by 5.7 mil maybe
  4. Looks like Ryan has cap hits over 39 mil in 20 and 21.
  5. Be sure to remember when you are resigning him you are also giving up the comp pick(maybe #rd rd).
  6. The team is who the team is. With the retention of Quinn and Dimitroff the team will probably see less roster turnover. Freeman and Trufant stands a good chance of being back now.
  7. Meaningless wins who knows. It's hard to quantify if the wins will help going forward. What we do know for sure is the seven or so draft picks next April are losing value with each win. If the Falcons win their next two games do they place 2nd in the division and end up with a harder schedule in theory next year?
  8. We've fallen far enough in the draft to take Tua without reaching. Blessing in disguise
  9. What were the bad calls you are referring to?
  10. Is the amount projected to sign next years draft picks between 10 and 11 mil?
  11. Could several players be traded for draft picks this off season? For example, trade Trufant (instead of cutting-keeping). Falcons will eat the dead cap but would some team value him @11 mil in 2020 and 12 mil in 2021? I would guess yes so get a pick in return.
  12. My opinion and only my own would be to slide Linstrom to center(Mack to be a cap casualty), McGary to left guard (help with the speed rush issue) and then draft Wirfs or Thomas to play right tackle.
  13. Agree with the above Put Gono at left guard and have Wes rotate in with Linstrom should be the plan.
  14. Hope for Simmons from Clemson.