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  1. i really think we could keep Quinn given Blanks affection to him, but need an offensive minded head coach. With all Quinn’s assistants doing every aspect of his job other that being a rah rah, pat you on the butt & say good job, what is he doing? Get Mike McDaniel in here as your HC and Ryan & the offense can run the same offense until Ryan/ Julio retires and never have to keep changing and learning completely new playbooks every 4 years. Quinn has an OC & Staff that take care of the offense. Quinn has an in game manager to assist on that. He has R. Morris & J. Ulbrich calling
  2. Wouldn’t be opposed to putting Raheem Morris as DC or keep him coaching DB’s and remain assistant HC, & Jeff Ulbrich as DC l, if Quinn goes. Also Koetter is just too vanilla. Would love to get Mike McDaniel as HC. We are built for a West Coast offense & know McDaniel’s style as he is Kyle Shanahan’s protege. He can scheme & mix things up. Matt Ryan would have a guy that runs a offense he excels for the rest of his career, & McDaniel wouldn’t get poached away when he had success. Since he has never been a coordinator, mainly because Kyle does his own thing or he would have been
  3. Loving it watching the Falcons on Sunday the last 2 weeks. Dan Quinn stopped calling plays on defense or is very limited at the most with his input as far as we know. Just wondering if Koetter is doing the same thing or not, having someone else assist him or take over some of the play calling? I mean sure at this point Quinn is making a good case to be retained next year. Is the guy, (whoever that we hired as the Falcons in game manager), doing anything, apart of the team still? Because if so what is Quinn’s job now? In game/practice motivator?
  4. Good point...not sure why but we do seem to always look better when Trufant is not playing.
  5. Would not be opposed to that idea either. What is Quinn really doing. Has a game manager, a secondary coach and a coach calling plays now. So why not hire Mike McDaniel as head coach? Would we really be worse off doing that?
  6. Yeah possibly. Definitely didn’t look like the same offensive play calling we have seen the first 8 games. Never thought of that but definitely makes sense. If that’s the case then maybe Knapp OC if we can’t get Mike McDaniels as our new OC. But please Blank we have to let Koetter go!
  7. I agree Koetter sucks. Would love to get Mike McDaniel as OC from SF.
  8. Good game, just hope it was more what we did and Drew Brees not being rusty.
  9. Hire Ed Dodd’s fire TD or make him handle contracts only since Ed Dodd’s doesn’t care for that aspect of a GM’s job. and Fire Dirk Koetter and hire Mike McDaniel as OC. I don’t get keeping Quinn to be honest. He gave up secondary to Morris and play calling to Ulbrich. Our defensive guru takes himself out of the equation and they play like this. He sucks at game managing and had to hire a game manager as well. My question is why do we need Quinn at this point?
  10. So Quinn did not call the Defense? So he gave up secondary to Morris? And play calling to Ulbrich? So pretty much he is just the head coach now? Dang, I’m confused. I mean for him to be a defensive guru and give up most of if not all his defensive duties and the team play like they did today if that’s the case he needs to go.
  11. If Quinn can turn things around then fine keep him & the rest of the coaching staff. But can we please let Dirk Koetter go? I would like to hire Mike McDaniel as our OC. Was busy during game and saw bits and pieces. Figured I wasn’t going to miss much & expected a blow out to be honest. What did Jeff Ulbrich do that everyone wants to keep him & promote him to DC? Team site says he’s the linebacker coach. Quinn handles the line and Morris handles the secondary. Figured everyone might want to promote Morris to DC. So honestly asking why should we promote Ulbrich?
  12. I think the guard position this offseason is such a priority and I’m not really sold on Mcgary yet. So I feel Mathews is the least of our worries on the o line. If we took Thomas out of UGA I’m wondering if Mathews could play right tackle or would we start Thomas out there? If Mcgary couldn’t play guard it would be 2 wasted draft picks we used to get Mcgary last year. He would definitely have to put some weight on to play guard I would think. But I guess worst to worst you have a swing tackle for cheap for at least 3 years, 4 if they gave him the 5th year option. Or you could always trade Mcga
  13. Not to bad of an idea Refried Beans. But I am not sure about letting Mathews go. He would look way better with a competent guard next to him. But if no defensive player is worth our pick I would select Andrew Thomas, make Mcgary our swing if he couldn’t transition to guard. And see how it played out with Thomas & Mcgary’s development before deciding on Mathews future. Or trade back and get two 1st round draft picks, possibly more.
  14. Young just issued a statement, saying the investigation stems from a loan he took from a family friend last year. "Unfortunately, I won't be playing this week because of an NCAA eligibility issue," Young said. "I made a mistake last year by accepting a loan from a family friend I've known since the summer before my freshman year at OSU." "I repaid it in full last summer and I'm working with the University and NCAA to get back on the field as soon as possible. I want to thank my family, teammates, coaches, and the whole Ohio State community for all the love and support. God bless and
  15. Read on TMZ that he accepted a loan from a family friend he met last summer. And has since paid back the loan. Article says he will be out at least for the upcoming Maryland game. He is one sack away from Ohio State single season sack record they said. And reiterated it says a lot with the Bosa brothers etc. having exceptional careers there.
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