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  1. Anyone hearing anything today now that the waiver draft is up?
  2. The Nagbe deal was going to happen no matter what. Nagbe wanted out last year, the deal didn't happen. There was no way he wasn't going home after this past year.
  3. It will be interesting to see the shake-up in the roster. There are several players that had considerable drop-offs this year versus what they showed on the pitch last year. We have Robinson as a nice anchor in the back, but I loved having the maturity and intelligence of Parky back there. LGP has two playing styles....really good or completely horrible. I feel like we've seen too much of the horrible from him this year. He needs to learn to keep it in check and play smarter with his head screwed on straight. Escobar played well in the playoffs but I felt he had a considerable drop-off this year from what he showed last year. Pity played well last night, but based on what was expected from him this year, I would say Argentina must have forgotten how to play soccer last year if he was POY down there prior to his stint here in Atlanta. Hopefully, he'll have the turnaround like Barco did this year. If not, that was money well wasted. Losing Nagbe is going to be HUGE!!! There have been 2 players that have been security blankets in the midfield with the ball at their feet and that is Nagbe and Kratz, in my personal opinion. There was a reason that Tata loved to sub in Kratz in the last 20 minutes, because he could control the midfield. Odds are he will be gone, too, after his injury situation this year. IF CARLOS DOESN'T TAKE CARE OF GRESSEL THEN CARLOS NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM HIS POSITION!!! From what I understand, there is a serious disconnect right here!!!!! FdB has completely lost the locker room and is not a winning option for this club and Carlos needs to do a better job of communicating and taking care of the players. We could be to a point where Gressel leaves even if the money is offered just to prove a point because Carlos has refused to sit down with some of the players/agents over the last few months. I would hate to lose Gressel due to an ego or lack of professionalism!!! Hey...we made a **** of a run, despite coaching deficiencies, and mainly on pure talent. This offseason will keep us on our toes...that is for sure. Thanks for letting me dive in here and we'll see you guys next year for another run! ATL-ATL-ATL!!!