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  1. 3 hours ago, King Jigsaw said:

    I’m not sensitive, and I think you and I are saying the same thing. What Payton said had absolutely nothing to do with the rivalry, and that’s the biggest complaint I had with his response. When talking bad about the Falcons no one should have more ammo than the coach of our biggest rival, yet he didn’t mention anything to do with the Saints. I just thought it was weak.

    We aren't talking about the same thing because as rivals, we revel in your failures as you do ours. It makes no difference who your opponent was. 

  2. 1 minute ago, youngbloodz said:

    I love it. This rivalry reminds me so much of a college rivalry. I’m a huge Miami fan and my daughter already knows FSU and UF are no go as far as college choices lol

    Being an LSU fan, I would agree that Saints vs Falcons reminds me of annual LSU vs Bama games. When both of our mayors were talking trash on tv a couple years ago, it was great. 

  3. 13 minutes ago, King Jigsaw said:

    Way to talk out of both sides of your mouth.

    Payton indeed had plenty of ammo from his own personal experience that he could respond with, and chose to make a 28-3 joke instead. Awful attempt at ‘cleverness’ when he’s choosing to rely on another coach’s doings for his responses - all because his team couldn’t keep a team in his division out of the Super Bowl in the first place.

    As far as Falcons fans bringing up the Saints choking, I think it’s pretty silly that you’re now in that sentence holding fans of a rival team to the same standards of an NFL Head Coach. Not speaking of you personally, but Saints fans are the same obnoxious group that paid for 28-3 billboards to be put up. Of course you’re going to defend Payton - that’s your coach. It doesn’t make what he said any more relevant to his own career, which is why I think it was a pretty weak dig.


    At the end of the day, we all know what’s going to rile each other up so we go to those places for the easy reactions. Payton took the easy way out and it shows.

    It's sad that you feel this way. I love our rivalry, makes the regular season that much more meaningful when you miss the playoffs but end the season beating the Falcons. You shouldn't be so sensitive about a football game where players don't even know if you exist. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Iron Saint said:

    While it’s highly unlikely Carmichael becomes the next Falcons head coach, and even more unlikely if y’all were to somehow win a Super Bowl with him, just know we’re showing up to Flowery Branch with a grinder and we’re taking our half of that Lombardi.

    We’ll give y’all the option if you want it cut down the middle vertically or horizontally. B)

    Oh dear God please. Payton would love nothing more than to kick Gregg Williams’ teeth in twice a year. Y’all talked about us running up the score on y’all before? Hire Gregg Williams as y’all HC and watch what happens. :lol:

    Horizontal. We take the ball. 

    5 hours ago, CocoLoco said:

    Carmichael is great as an assistant coach, but he is not HC material. He does not have that commanding feel to him. Just listen to him in interviews. He’s a behind the scenes guy, not a leader type, which makes him excellent as a coordinator.

    This. There's a reason he's not a HC.

  5. I signed up when I saw this topic. I've been lurking for a couple seasons but this thread is gold. Carmichael is not leaving the organization we've built in New Orleans. He has job security, a great ownership, elite coaching staff around him, better talent on offense, etc. Being the HC in Atlanta subjects him to too much criticism and spotlight. And he wont have Payton, Brees, etc around him either. Yall should have promoted Shanahan. 

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