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  1. Not gonna happen this off season. We're throwing the checkbook at him.
  2. You SOBs were right. A necessary sacrifice to beat Bama at home and shut their fans up for a year.
  3. Yall want Payton, Allen, Carmichael, AND Joe Brady? Next yall will be clamoring for a shrimp boat captain!
  4. Yall have 0 chance, let's be honest. "Any given Sunday" doesn't apply here.
  5. I actually feel bad in a small way. It was more fun when yall had Kyle and were shredding defenses.
  6. Horizontal. We take the ball. This. There's a reason he's not a HC.
  7. I signed up when I saw this topic. I've been lurking for a couple seasons but this thread is gold. Carmichael is not leaving the organization we've built in New Orleans. He has job security, a great ownership, elite coaching staff around him, better talent on offense, etc. Being the HC in Atlanta subjects him to too much criticism and spotlight. And he wont have Payton, Brees, etc around him either. Yall should have promoted Shanahan.