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  1. Sometimes bad teams beat good teams and it doesn’t mean anything.
  2. Wut
  3. Wow congratulations to him.
  4. Kyle Shanahan just beat Matt Lafleur in the NFC Championship Game. And we have Dan Quinn. That might be funny if it wasn’t so **** sad. #continuitybro
  5. At least we still have Dan Quinn.
  6. Kyle Shanahan just beat Matt Lafleur in the NFC Championship Game. And we have Dan Quinn. It might be funny if it wasn’t so ******* sad.
  7. It’s so hard to root against Shanahan. The guy will not make the same mistake there that he did here. It must be so much fun to be a fan of them right now. Imagine having a coach that you gave a **** about.
  8. Good. Color scheme is way too awesome to have been stuck with such bad uniforms for 2 decades. I’d love to see us incorporate some dark grey into our uniform to go with the black and red.
  9. 1917 is one of the most incredible cinematic achievements I’ve ever seen. I can’t even begin to imagine how they filmed any of it. It jumped into my 2019 Top 10 all the way to 5.
  10. I saw it again Sunday after giving it a couple weeks to breath and hated it even more than the first time. It’s the most bizarrely incoherent and terribly written movie in this franchise. It’s like watching someone play a video game really poorly.
  11. Cousins is ridiculous.
  12. Excellent job for this franchise way to go team yea. We won just enough games to keep this terrible coaching staff and front office intact for what will assuredly be another disappointing season full of laughable unpreparedness. But I guess that’s better than actually making the playoffs and finding yet another way to add to the proud and storied tradition of epic Atlanta postseason failure. Time to make Vic Beasley the highest paid passrusher in the league and draft someone with our 1st round pick that everybody else has graded as a 3rd rounder at best! You don’t need to run through blocks when you can run through walls baby WOOOOOO BROTHERHOOD!!!!
  13. Really looking forward to this continued idiocy and preparedness in 2020. Great franchise we’ve got here.
  14. 403 yards and 7 TDs would be a pretty **** good 2-week stretch for any QB.
  15. These numbers for Burrow are mind blowing.