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  1. Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Episode II— the bio template for the clone army of the Republic— will return in The Mandalorian Season 2, reportedly to play notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett in a small role. Boba Fett has long been portrayed in various de-canonized books and comics to have survived his ignoble “death” in Return of the Jedi. He was teased in The Mandalorian season 1 episode 5 ‘The Gunslinger’, in which the familiar jingle of Boba’s spurs could be heard approaching the presumably dead body of Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand.
  2. It’s because we have an awful front office and coaching staff, so every schedule looks like a nightmare.
  3. And then threw away the Super Bowl a couple months later. Bomani Jones is spot on.
  4. No. All the exact same problem areas are in place. Believing that anything will be wildly different seems ridiculous at this point.
  5. I really wish I had more confidence in our coaching staff.
  6. I would have a lot more confidence in these picks if I had any confidence in our goofy *** coaching staff. We got a handful of guys that really need to be coached up, and I have no idea who’s going to do that.
  7. Uh, no? I remember everyone being shocked that we got him in the 5th round.
  8. And when was the last time any of these randos worked out?
  9. Asiasi and Keene have a real Gronk/Hernandez flavor.
  10. I just love New England’s philosophy. Them and Baltimore are definitely winning this draft right now.
  11. Makes sense to me if it’s true, and it makes sense to me if it’s just a smokescreen. We are eventually going to have to consider moving on from God Emperor Ryan.
  12. I’ve never understood why people like having three different colors on three different layers of a home uniform, it just doesn’t look good to me. It’s usually fine for an away uniform though. That’s why I’ve never liked the throwback uniforms with the red helmet or our most recent uniforms. If you’re gonna have a red helmet then have a red home jersey. If you’re gonna have a black helmet then have a black home jersey.
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