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  1. As a capper- Emory Jones was admirable, and not the reason we lost this game. Todd Grantham continues to be the most overpaid coordinator in the history of football, and Dan Mullen is a loser. I actually think he might jerk off every time he loses to Nick Saban.
  2. You can’t even heave the ball up Emory LMAO. This guy is a joke.
  3. If this game was in Tuscaloosa it would have been an absolute laugher. Good crowd for the Gators and a great rushing attack kept them in it. We’re never going to beat Alabama again as long as Saban is there.
  4. Dan Mullen is now 0-infinity against Nick Saban.
  5. Well that was a really stupid ******* play call on the 2-pt conversion and even worse execution by Emory Jones. Give him the ******* ball or keep it but make a decision.
  6. Yeah this isn’t going to happen. You can’t get a penalty on literally every single big 3rd down and expect to win this type of game.
  8. The ease with which Alabama gets into opponent’s territory is crazy.
  9. Brenton Cox is Florida’s ONE defensive star. He’s still way too inconsistent, but if he could put everything together he’s a Top 10 pick.
  10. 99 yard TD drive on an Alabama defense. Good ****, guys. Need the defense to figure out a way to get a turnover or atleast get a stop on 3rd down.
  11. I don’t think I’ve seen Florida have a run game like this maybe in my whole life.
  12. It’s almost like Mullen remembered he leads the country in rushing.
  13. This is so **** embarrassing. Bishop Sycamore might have a shot against Florida.
  14. Momentum Florida right now, put in AR15 Mullen you dumb ****.
  15. The fact that it’s been 11 years since an SEC East coach beat Nick Saban is just a ludicrous stat.
  16. lol stop no Florida fans said anything like this. We knew this was a massively depleted team with a terrible defensive coordinator and no QBs.
  17. Already have. Going to finish up my Sopranos rewatch.
  18. Can’t remember the last time we were this without genuine playmakers at every level of the defense.
  19. Stupid penalties by Florida aren’t going to help on top of being wildly outmatched in every way.
  20. There isn’t a single badass on Florida’s defense.
  21. This is going to be so, so ugly. 45-14 Alabama
  22. Stop cucking yourself to this godawful franchise.
  23. I’ve been calling it the Matt Ryan Special for years. I’d love to see what the record is for QBs taking 3rd down sacks and how close Ryan is to it.
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