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  1. Has that old WFW guy posted here in awhile?
  2. Nothing. He’s literally been a “both sides” dip**** for his entire life.
  3. I don’t think that’s it at all. Nobody needs Michael Vick at QB, but the new NFL demands that you are at least Mahomes, Wilson, or Rogers with your ability to run.
  4. This is pretty much what it comes down to. I’m a die hard Gators fan and love Kyle Trask for FINALLY giving us a great season from the QB position, the literal first time it’s happened since Tebow. And I would love to have Trask on this team as a #2 like he’s been for pretty much his entire career, but he reminds me so much of Ryan Fitzpatrick. He can be a great spot starter even if you need him for a whole season, but his skill set is just not going to get anyone excited. Great kid who really shined once he finally got his opportunity though and he’ll forever be one of my favorite
  5. This is complete ********, btw. Here’s Trask’s stats in games that Pitts didn’t play: 23-29, 356 YDS, 6 TDs 0 INTs 26-35, 383 YDS, 3 TDs 0 INTs 29-47, 474 YDS, 2 TDs 2 INTs Last night was not only the first awful game he’s played without Kyle Pitts, it was the worst statistical game of his college career, and it came in a completely meaningless game that was riddled with opt-outs and COVID positive scratches.
  6. I’m certainly not interested in evaluating Trask’s stock based on a meaningless game in which his top 4 receivers elected not to play, but I’m also not very high on him as a long-term solution. He’s never going to be elite but he’s going to be a pretty good pick for someone in like the 3rd round or so.
  7. Forgot this was tonight. I don’t even know what the point of playing this game was. Trask’s Top 4 receiving options all opted out of the game, and like 3 starters on an already atrocious defense. Cool *** kicking, Gators.
  8. Who gives a ****, end this game already. What a trash *** embarrassing franchise who keeps losing the exact same way every time.
  9. Every single team we play makes halftime adjustments and we never do, regardless of who the coach is.
  10. This is laughable. The guys not getting out of the Top 15
  11. At least we didn’t screw this up by falling out of the Top 10 in the draft.
  12. And a beautifully predictable Matt Ryan Special on 3rd down to kill our TD chances. I can’t imagine anyone in the history of the league has taken more 3rd down sacks than this dude.
  13. He got blocked into the hit, he didn’t need to also lower his helmet right into the guy’s facemask.
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