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  1. I'm in favor of getting the best QB with one of the 2nds. Would love if Corral fell that low but Ridder should be there. One of Slovis, Ridder, or Corral should slide.
  2. General stuff about this game and looking forward to SEC play. Secondary - the weakest unit on the team coming in looked fairly solid. I think it's best to get Ringo the CB2 so the moment won't be to big for him come December. Smith and Brini have improved to SEC caliber DBs. Speed and Kendrick were solid. Ngata got loose a few times but you give him those non td yards, and take them away from Ross every time. Freshmen - AD Mitchell and Bowers are starters in the making. They will provide good quality depth this season before they take over for next. With yards at a premium, Mitchell did his job getting those PI calls and Bowers was nearly uncoverable out there. McConkey didn't do anything wrong per se he's not ready. WRs - Hopefully later this month they get the majority of the guys 90% or better healthy. KJ and Blaylock are close to full health. Big O is someone I'd take time with. Big massive people like that can really reinjure a pre existing foot injury. Pickens eventually back at 80% is still better than anyone on the roster but I don't think you see the explosive version from previous seasons. OL - they did well considering the DL they were facing. Murphy got one but that was a superbly executed stunt play. Otherwise, they did well that game. TR was looking as the best mauling guard but he's out. I'd go Mims/Jones LT so everyone else can move inside. Get those freshmen bumps out of the way. SVP has the highest ceiling at C, hopefully he sticks as starter. Muschamp - I don't know what effect he had on this game, but this defense looked ultra aggressive. Guys were out there attacking the ball instead of reacting. Maybe they still take the leap if he were not in the picture, but he's a difference maker it seems.
  3. Happy for the win but not satisfied. I mean go undefeated and lose the SECCG you get the back door prize still, no homo which is a big deal. Back to the offense, people don't realize they had to play Mcconkey and the 3rd year walkon. Burton and KJ were limited and were no shows. Pickens is a RD1 pick, he will be needed back if you want the trophy this year. Daniels is only good as his receivers unfortunately.
  4. I'm comfortable with the two head monster of Addae and Muschamp with the secondary. Leaves Schumann and Lanning to focus on the front 7. Ross is the real deal. But their other guys don't worry me too much that they can get free consistently. I think they do the quick hitting, dink, and donk throws that can get them good yac production. If Kendrick and Speed both struggle it could get bad. They will test them with those short to intermediate routes. Guys just have to play up their level. I think they will need a big contribution from one of the freshmen either Green, Kimber, Lassiter, or Ringo. One of those guys will need to step up, step up.
  5. The WR talent in this draft is something else. Julio is getting no younger or any more talented. We all want to move on from Matt, but the guy is still more than serviceable. IDK, whatever is the new GM's background in team building is what we will have to trust in.
  6. Since the season was essentially over after 2 SEC losses, who's on the radar for a bowl. Miami or Oregon would be a fun match up. I'm looking for more A. Smith, Washington, and Kenny Mac to get more involved with the passing game. Considering the latter is really good on kickoffs. He and Cook are not game breakers from the behind the line but if you get them in the open field then they excel. I see so much potential with this offense. The staff did outstanding getting receivers for all three levels in this scheme, it's time to let loose a tad bit. The strength is not there this season with the run game, deviating a smidge from philosophy could calibrate this thing fast.
  7. Less Landers, more Smith in this game hopefully. I can see DR taking advantage of the mulligan year for next season and the new QB and OC. Pickens, Blaylock, Burton, A. Smith, Rosemy, KJ, and DR very deep rotation along with some young stud TEs. The offense should carry the defense for a while. However it's all dependent on Kirby letting Monken go more air raid and also Luke's own recruits along the OL.
  8. No silver linings left this season, however it's a great excuse to let Monken utilize his entire offense with no governor.
  9. Putting aside Kirby refusing to play Daniels... it was obvious Mullen was going to attack the middle linebackers with their backs. Lanning needed to insert his best pass covering backers in there. Obviously the defense couldn't get even moderate pressure which gave Trask enough time to amass nearly 500 yards of pass offense. If Davis declares, I'd look into Juco or transfer portal for a big NT cause what we got ain't gonna cut it.
  10. When you have a defensive based HC it almost always causes problems for the offense, see Les Miles, Saban, etc. Kirby's way too much of a control freak rn. I've like what I've seen from Monken. Guys are almost open on most of his plays, the QB just isn't good enough. Any coach would give the guy total autonomy for his side of the ball... Kirby will need to adjust his offensive views or you know what the other option is.
  11. Tough with Davis and Rochester out. Davis when healthy and fully engaged sets the tone for the rest of the defense. One of the Tennessee contingent of Logue, Mitchell, and Norton needs to step up. Sounds like those guys have been total misses so far. Probably best to get the guy that can shoot the gap and cause disruption that way. Piggybacking on Stetson, his value to me is being a dual threat QB. His draws hardly seems more than it was with Fromm. If he was a threat for 50 or so yards on the ground we can work that the rest of the way. But he fumbled on one of his lone running attempts against UK. The guy is a walking turnover man hurts to speak it. Hate to say it but it feels like Daniels has punted this season in preparation for next. It could be just Stetson and Mathis the remainder of the way.
  12. Love Kirby but he has a huge mental block with the QB position. Eason named starter, but was fairly shaky at the time. Fromm comes in and looks a natural that should have been named QB1 during camp. He doesn't even consider Stetson from the time he stepped on campus up to this preseason, and now suddenly he's the man when obviously he isn't the guy. Please allow Monken the option to choose his QB for his offense. Stetson has 7:5 td to int ratio. That is his ceiling, he's not young and getting any better from that.
  13. DJ is no world beater but he's played better than Campbell. I'd be very let down if JT doesn't get any meaningful snaps this game.
  14. Bennett is a sub 6 foot guy that addicted to throwing it above the interior lineman, what couldn't go wrong. Daniels is not a savior or anything but he's the best option by far. He was a high school senior starting for SC, may have matured by the time until now. You have to see what you got with him against UK.
  15. Daniels is still obvious limited by his knee, any fool could see that. Stetson's purpose is to be the placeholder until he's healthy, nothing more or less.
  16. Stetson should start. I believe he has a short leash, the score is probably 21-7 in the 1st half if he started that Arky game.
  17. Catching up with his tape at USC here and there. He puts alot of air under the ball which is a gift and curse. Too much air you give the extra DB enough time to make a play on the ball and on the other hand, you give Pickens and Big O jumpball opportunities in this offense. He should have been playing hs ball his time at USC, he did an okay job to earn the starting nod as one of the younger D1 QBs that year. Excited to see his how much he's grown since then.
  18. Mathis look horrible the entire game. The team commuted a solid 100 yards of penalties mostly on defense. The running backs didn't look much better than Mathis. The O line was not bad not good either. Hill can't block in space and I think this offense calls for more mobile OL. Stetson came in and saved the game. He just doesn't look like he can produce against the better teams however. JT will be the starter once he's cleared, no doubt about that.
  19. i'D be somewhat disappointed if they give up 17 to Bama honestly. No true weaknesses on this defense and they need to show out. So giving up 17 to Arky is not really acceptable. If you blow them out by halftime and let the 2nd unit get major snaps giving up close to 20 points is understandable to a degree but not really.
  20. Not worried about any offense vs. this defense one bit. I'm just curious as to how Monken will call his plays under Kirby who has a rep for being conservative. Monken probably has a short stay in UGA either way, so might as well let the guy air it out.
  21. Reading between the lines, I think JT will be the starter once he's cleared. As of today, they are getting Mathis ready to start and be readily available in a pseudo QB duo rotation. I'd love to see Dwan come out vs. Arky and display a Vince Young type game leading the team. We'll see how it all plays out.
  22. Allen was questionable before the achilles injury, so for him to still be starting and having supporters backing him after the fact... Let's say the guys does things well off the field.
  23. Getting away from a high school coach puts you into the right direction by default. I like G. Collins, Tech will have to worry about him fielding offers once he gets them rolling more.
  24. I think Beck has better overall physical tools out of the group and is showing flashes.
  25. Daniels comes in and Newman opts out shortly thereafter. It's no scenario I don't see him starting game 1. With that all said, there should be packages for Mathis that he can excel in. Defense is littered with guys that'll make plays or become difference makers. That side of the ball should carry the offense until Bama week. Monken will hopefully have something ready by then.
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