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  1. MRs play has historically mirrored the play for the offense line when it comes to deep shots and being comfortable in the pocket. MR is older so we are always looking to see if he has lost a step.
  2. Normally really optimistic but we need to improve our WR core. The giants doubled and blanketed Ridley and Pitts. It’s OZs time to shine. He made some crucial catches and for that I’m thankful. But it was too many times where no one could get open. I could be wrong but it appeared that he went the wrong direction on the almost interception in the end zone, the drops, and not sitting in the openings of the zone coverage. OZ had me pissed most of the game. Glad he made plays in the end though.
  3. This is the reason why I really liked his play. It’s can’t be a easy transition to CBD from safety. It wasn’t great day but he was always in a good position. When AJ comes back would like to see his replace Harmon. Can see him playing well in run support and guarding TEs.
  4. Who do you think will be the first to go if we see a player we want on the waiver wire?
  5. I would like to see Franks given a chance. We have only seen our team play a losing battle. We should have had at least our starters on the offensive line playing.
  6. Curious what Franks would look like if he played with the starters.
  7. I view it differently. I believe it would be a waste to pick up another QB. Have one for emergencies. Ultimately if Ryan goes down for any length of time our season is over anyway.
  8. Also if he pans out, he would be a starter we didn’t have to spend a high draft pick on making close to a minimum salary. Cap situation fixed!!!
  9. I think if we were to spend money I would like to get K Short or J Casey. Our defense would be crazy!
  10. Need to save it for next year. Our cap situation will look bad again.
  11. With our fan base I would lie too.
  12. Small sample size. All reports from people who watch the practices say he’s playing really well.
  13. The night he was drafted and I watched his tape, I knew McGary was on notice. He was great at the RT position. I like that he’s learning other spots but let him do what he does great! The right side will be dominant!!!
  14. Mayfield is a rookie but I believe that he can start and dominate. I watched him play against Alabama and he looked like a man against boys. We have our RT!
  15. Honestly this was one of my biggest questions because we could have kept Julio and restructured Grady contract to sign the draft class. It makes me question how the new organization views Grady. Another prospective is it has always been tough to get quality free agents to come to Atlanta and I know TF wants to change that. We will have a great roster in the next few years. Especially if Franks develops in a quality QB. We can pay him pennies and build a massive team around him.
  16. I said a while back that when it’s all said and done, Franks will be a top 5 QB coming out of this class. He landed in the perfect situation. He will ball!!!
  17. If we would have drafted him people like you would be saying start him after our first loss. That would be crazy while we have Matt for the next two years. Let the new GM do his job!
  18. I agree we are good at safety! That’s why I was confused about moving Oliver to safety.
  19. Yes that’s what’s been reported. Peas wants to keep the defense guessing.
  20. Not sure I understand the move of Oliver to safety.
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