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  1. Gurley came in for a purpose and I believe he accomplished that goal with his scoring. Our offense line sucks.
  2. MR had a bad game but this game exposed Dirk. He didn’t call any screens etc. to combat the pass rush. He needs to be gone. I can see that there is an issue with only a handful of targets to our rbs. Peyton exposed us! 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. It’s time for the Falcons to not sit back and wait to see what the Saints will do. Just hit them in the mouth every play. Force them to be one dimensional by running up the score.
  4. I think Matt would want to keep him. It takes time to learn a new system and excel in it. We haven’t had an issue with the offense the last couple of games. The season has been more of an execution issue.
  5. I should have asked some subsequent questions. Like how long do you feel like this current system which allows diversity has been in place? Also is the system as a whole easy to level the playing field? In my opinion, as it relates to the players in the game of football, it has been fair for a long time. If you as a GM have not been picking the best players available, you won’t have a job for long. To the second question, every year starts new. You can groom players a few years out. So it’s fairly easy to level the playing field. When it comes to coaches, it has not been fair a
  6. Is there a system in place that limits the diversity of those groups?
  7. Only way we have been successful is by blitzing. I’m hoping we play Walker on the edge more. He was successful at that position in college.
  8. Yes his switch to inside has worked wonders for him. We have to put players in the best position to be successful. Thankful Morris made the switch! Now I believe we need to have Walker playing on the edge more.
  9. Unless we get someone like Harbaugh( a proven winner in the NFL) I would like us to keep Morris if we are plus 500 for the remainder of the season.
  10. I believe everyone should be given a fair opportunity to play. If there is bias, it needs to be changed. Is there any evidence of bias within the game of football?
  11. There is a gap between whites and minorities in head coaches due to race so why not give an incentive to correct it. I think they should do more.
  12. I want to see the Falcons crush the Chiefs. Would he warrant a hire if we beats the Chiefs?
  13. The one where Julio dropped the pass?
  14. A great way to respond with a win! Love it! Now focused on the two games versus the Aints! Must wins in my book! I get so much joy when we beat those chumps!!!
  15. Deion has balled out these last few games. He was looking average at the beginning of the season.
  16. Not opposed to that. I have seen so many scenarios on these boards but not that one. I see so many about Julio and Matt. Honestly I would rather trade Jones over those two.
  17. We had to fight this all off season! Still no thanks to Cam!
  18. I haven’t seen anyone suggest this. I just thought of this recently but what if we trade Deion Jones. Walker and Oluokun have played great. It would give Walker more playing time and save money against the cap. What do y’all think?
  19. Maybe it takes us winning a Super Bowl but as of right now our fans suck!!!
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