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  1. On the bright side, we could potentially get a ton of undrafted free agents 😆 They could easily come in and contribute!
  2. If the front office sees Wilson as a QB that can consistently make us better for years to come I don’t hate it although I’m a big Matt Ryan fan. I could be eating crow later but I believe Wilson is the best QB in this draft.
  3. I believe it was $198M. We were expecting the increase. That’s why TD kept kicking the can and it backfired. Matt Ryan has restructured 3 times! 🤦🏾‍♂️
  4. I agree but top players will not want be locked up long term unless they are getting their full value. They may have a ballon style contract where the first year is small and the second year reflects their value.
  5. Top players will get paid but for the free agent pool it’s not enough cap to go around. In the video it talks about players betting on themselves and accepting one year deals and trying to cash in next offseason. That makes sense to me!
  6. I’m excited that many players will be forced into lower paying deals because the league cap is low. Not sure if we will have much to play with but excited to see what TF does.
  7. Great podcast! We have a lot more options than we think.
  8. Yeah I agree! Slater makes a lot of sense. If for some reason they stay at two it’s tough to pass up Sewell. Even with them drafting their LT last year. They are bottom three In most categories.
  9. Jets OL is horrible. It can’t be a guarantee that they pass up on Sewell. Man I hope Carolina doesn’t draft Wilson. I think that he will be great.
  10. Some of the greats had pass rushing moves but many of them didn’t. They had great technique, violent hands, strength, and speed but no signature move.
  11. He was our second best corner making less than a million a year. No brainer!!!
  12. I’m expecting a lot of cheap deals this offseason.
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