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  1. He will take Ishmaels old position. Back up safety and LB. Love this move! He can hit!!!
  2. Senat was drafted to play NT. Glad to see he’s working on his footwork.
  3. I believe they had a really good draft. With Wilkins, this draft class, and the additions through free agency they will be decent.
  4. He will be amongst a hungry DL. All he has to do is create HAVOC. Fowler is trying to prove that he can produce on a consistent level. Takk is in the last year of his deal. He will be ready. We already know about Grady. Ready for the season!!!
  5. The biggest question mark is our pass rush. Our biggest addition to our pass rush was Marlon Davidson. Hope we make one more solid move at DE.
  6. Thanks for the info! We are in a better situation than I thought but still not great. We will also have a number of our free agent that we may want to retain.
  7. If we can make it work I’m cool with it! If we continue to pay everybody, this franchise will be in a horrible position. Tough decisions have to be made! Our projected cap for next year is $60,000. What can we get with that? Hope we don’t get the injury bug this year.
  8. It would be nice to keep everyone and also pick up another free agent DE. I just don’t know how we can afford it.
  9. Last year we drafted 2 OL in the first round and also paid 2 free agents to compete to start. I believe Lindstrom was brought in to replace Mack. He is super smart! Too bad our free agent sucked! Many times the best way for Developing OL to get better is to play. If we cut Mack, we have 10 players on the roster that are not projected starters to compete for 1 spot. If we can’t get one solid player out of 10 we need to fire the coaches and the scouting department! Defense has been our Achilles! If we can cut an aging player to improve our horrible pass rush from last year, I’m all for it!!!
  10. Mack is good but is getting up there in age. OL is probably our deepest position. We need to cut Mack this year and bring in Clowney or Griffin. We crosstrained Lindstrom last year at center. Either him or Hennessy man center and other at LG. Gono at RG. Solid line Matthews Hennessy Lindstrom Gono McGary By making this move we make the defense looks way better. Flowers M. Davidson Jarrett Clowney Our DLine would be scary!!
  11. I’m hoping that we get another DE through free agency.
  12. Great speed! Great hands! Nice pickup!!
  13. 6’4” 225lbs S/LB Play Safety his senior season after playing LB most of his collegiate career. Hard hitting dude! Nice pickup!
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