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  1. General consensus?!? Really bro! It was a strong consensus that Tom Brady wouldn’t be success or that Russell Wilson was too small or that Jamarcus Russell was a can’t miss prospect! It not a guarantee that Franks will be successful but I love the potential. He has great speed, size, and accuracy. Also not afraid to get hit. He really needs to work on pocket awareness but that’s one of Matt’s strengths. Hope he continues to develop.
  2. He had over 68 percent completion percentage. That was better than MR coming out of college. What’s a good percentage to say a QB is accurate?
  3. Which Arkansas games are you referring to? Watched a few of them but honestly didn’t see them all. I see the growth from his time in Florida to his last year in Arkansas. Over 68 percentage behind a shaky oline is pretty significant!
  4. No I’m not and never said I was. I was really high on him when many wasn’t. Franks played baseball similar to Mahomes. They both throw the ball from different arm angles. Franks has flashed greatness!
  5. LT- Matthews LG - Gono C - Dalman RG- Lindstrom RT - Mayfield The regime is not loyal to the existing players. McGary improved but was subpar. Hennessy was beat out at LG. They did give Gono a contract. Gono will either be a starter or released.
  6. I can see it! Huge fan! Nobody wanted to hear me in the beginning when I was screaming that Zach Wilson on tape looks like the best QB coming out. That definitely caught fire and was drafted 2nd overall. Franks can make all the throws. Those throws where Patrick Mahomes goes one way and throws the ball across his body the other way, Franks threw similar passes. He a pass first yet mobile QB. 68% completion percentage with a shaky oline in front of you is really good. If he can take his draft position personal and work his butt off the sky is the limit.
  7. Love this pick! My second favorite pickup through this draft.
  8. This is a huge pick up! I’m super excited. I started a thread a while ago about Franks. Didn’t really understand why he wasn’t getting the attention but glad it worked out this way. When it’s all said and done I believe Franks will be top 5 QB from this draft. Many people who criticize only focused on his time at FL or hasn’t even watched a full game. He’s special! He joined a terrible team and flashed greatness. Cant wait to see how this coaching staff develops him.
  9. Coach Smith said they will try him at T. The best players will play.
  10. Ok I rewatch the announcement but the coach and GM are very vague about what they are doing.
  11. How is common sense the source when he has ONLY played RT in college. You sound slow so let me break this down for you. It’s not common sense to say a DT will play OT in the NFL if he’s ONLY played DT in college.
  12. I like this pick but wonder if he will stay at RT and McGary move to guard. Either way I believe the coaches get the best out of them.
  13. Ben Jones is not a small agile player that gets to the second level often. Have you watched their offense???
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