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  1. This is why I hate when people say tank or rebuild. With good coaching and a few pieces we can be back in the Super Bowl next year or the year after.
  2. Hill does have some quickness but Gurley still has speed. I haven’t seen him get caught while trying to break it to the edge. He has a knack finding the end zone. Also the attention he brings makes it a little easier for the receivers. I absolutely hate it when Hill comes into the game other than giving Gurley a breather.
  3. I was with you until you said more of Hill less of Gurley. Pro bowler versus a player that had a good training camp. No thanks!!
  4. Not the success I wanted but we stuck with it. Also more runs to the outside. We are much better with runs to the outside!
  5. I heard it was mostly TD and he didn’t take much input but who knows! 🤷🏾‍♂️
  6. I think so! He was so tied in to this team. It will be a process for him to turn it off.
  7. You were like all Falcons. We were all like here we go again. Glad we pulled it out though!
  8. I’m not opposed to that but do you think that will limit us when it comes to choosing a GM?
  9. 408Falcon - He made decisions that needed to be made and I’m happy for that. As a Falcon fan, being skeptical is our new normal after all of those blown leads.
  10. Honestly I’m truly blown away by this coaching staff. I had really high hopes for this team this year. The issues I saw with this team Raheem has addressed. He put the players in the best position to be successful. He was a little less focused on scheme and more focused on what players do the best. I didn’t see much of Hennessey. Right now Carpenter is playing better. Not great but better. Glad to see them not switching every series. Someone needed to make a decision and Raheem made it! Moving Oliver to the slot was genius. He was consistently getting beat on the outsi
  11. I believe if we can make the playoffs, they deserve to stay. Anything less it should be on the new GM.
  12. Our corners got beat but it’s definitely an improvement in play. No receivers were wide open like they have been every week up to this point.
  13. True but you like to see recent successes and him hit in the later rounds. I guess we will agree to disagree.
  14. You really went back to 2006!....I personally look outside the first and second round picks to judge GMs. He has a few gems but a ton of misses!!!
  15. One of the biggest changes was moving Oliver to the slot. Oliver is a pretty good tackler and defense against short yardage routes.
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