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  1. No one really knows what is going on in the front office. What we are assured of is that it is the same old same old since 1966.
  2. And they started dismantling the line soon thereafter. The “nasty” was gone.
  3. TD keeping his job is not the measure. It just means that his boss and the owner are either foolish or unable to admit their error. Undervaluing O line importance is a fundamental error at the pro level. That is TD’s biggest philosophical shortcoming. The D is all Dan Quinn. The talent is there. The coaching is abysmal. But...It is the Falcons.
  4. Being the GM with the Falcons and Mercedes guy, might be the only thing that Saban would leave Bama for. He would have a shorter driver to Lake Rabun. It is obvious that Dimitroff is incapable of learning to evaluate line of scrimmage talent. Ryan has lost the arm strength that he increased after 6 years in the league. His window has closed. Quinn was not a true coordinator at Seattle. Pete Carroll stil ran the defense. Unfortunately, his alleged strength of defensive knowledge is limited to being a position coach. Realistically, our dream of championships and c
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