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  1. GRONK could never ever equate to a GonZo career. He is the only one on a chiefs team that made them relevant for years !!!! You need to reexamine your football history
  2. Pats didn't do anything with Moss, welker was a product of the system, did nothing in miami. Edeleman really, another product of the system
  3. DUDE you are obviously delusional. I only agree with you on the coaching aspect. GonZO was way way way better than Gronk etc... Give Brady julio, GonZo what will happen/?
  4. Yes, its not all Ryan, they ALL shoulder the blame.
  5. Ryan couldn't win with Roddy, Julio, GonZO, etc... and on and on and on....etc.... buy brady wins with a lot less talent. Explain this Ryan lovers.
  6. I pull for who I want, i love the Falcons, have many tattoos; but i will not make excuses for this $hit show
  7. Delusional fans wanna believe Matt will ever take us anywhere?
  8. BS Ryan cost that game, im tired of people making excuses for this guy. I mean $****, we pay this guy $130mil a year to $hit up the field.
  9. I agree, Matt is not the worse, but you can't say he's a top 5 QB
  10. Its MATTY SLUSH, he melts when it matters.
  11. Matt is overrated, I hate Matt!!!! He's done!!! Phuc him!!
  12. I hate everything about this team, I only like and have respect for Ridley!!! Phuc these guys and phuc this organization!! Its ridiculous!!!!
  13. Julio is an attitude having bum!!! He will do nothing ever again, mark these words, Julio is done and beat up. DQ has no nuts, DK is a reject, AB is a fool, I absolutely hate what they have built in ATL.
  14. Matt Ryan, Free, Julio, DQ, TD, MK, are all $hit. Believe that Falcon fans, they all are trash!!!!
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