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  1. Oh - everything's going to be fine. I have trust in Quinn. Sincerely, A. Blank
  2. Been going to games since I was 2 years old in 1966 (first year). Hope that helps.
  3. Been a fan longer than you've been living. Why don't you tell us about how great the Falcons are doing right now?
  4. Anybody notice how Foles is milking the clock now? He knows he's going to win.
  5. Are you happy with the Falcons right now? Answer the question, please.
  6. Oh look! The ankle-biter is back. Don't you have something else to obsess over? Like the Falcons BLOWING this game? Are you not intelligent enough to see what's happening? Read more, post less.
  7. Ryan could have run for the first, but decided that the 2 yard pass was better.
  8. Part of it's poor coaching, part of it is just simple ATL luck. I've been seeing that (other than the Braves' '95 WS win) for almost my entire life. It just sort of is what it is.
  9. First thing I thought of when they got Gurley. So far, that's exactly what it looks like.
  10. Braves' gain helps eliminate some of the Falcon pain.
  11. Bryce is nails tonight. That is all.
  12. With/without the refs, the Falcons imploded all on their own...
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