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  1. And this is the part where Ryan will make a series of short passes to improve his % numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love this!
  2. You know you've got a stout defense when you can make Bridgewater look like an MVP.
  3. ^^^^This. If it doesn't happen, then look at my nic.
  4. #tankfortrevor #traderyanandjulio #firequinnanddimitroff #startover
  5. I hope it's the Marlins. They lost confidence against the Braves after that 29 run game. **** - who wouldn't?
  6. Like with Smith, I don't think the Falcons are conditioned well enough to last a full game.
  7. Being aggressive and being stupid are entirely two different things, Dirk. Regardless, the Cowboys and the Bears had coaching that was far superior to ATL's staff, and they were able to make required adjustments at the half.
  8. Sadly, I think you're right. It's too bad. I can't think of a team like the Falcons that deserves more of a stiff foot up their a$$es...
  9. I think I can safely say that the main reason we're all so p*$$ed off, is because the Falcons do have a lot of talent, and they're blowing everything. The players "love" Quinn. THAT is the problem. These guys need discipline. Somebody even as nuts as Ditka or Coughlin. They need their A$($S kicked. Seriously - what do y'all think our record would be if Belichick was coach right now?
  10. It has gotten so bad now that the NFL is making fun of the Falcons. I don't know if I've ever seen this happen, but it speaks volumes.
  11. Only a Falcons' fan would know that getting his/her arms and legs pulled out of their sockets would feel better than a typical Sunday in the fall...
  12. This is not good at all. Btw - WDE.
  13. It's sort of like sitting down with a 24 oz. T-bone when you haven't eaten in a few days. The waiter comes up and snatches your plate away after 2 bites. At that point, he gives you another plate with a used colostomy bag on it and says "this is what you were SUPPOSED to have."
  14. I wish the Saints would perish in a nasty aviation accident.
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